Obama enjoys victory on Facebook and Twitter - but not on Google+
Barack Obama announced his victory on Twitter by tweeting this photo together with the simple text: "Four more years"  thus once more underlining his commitment to effective use of social media. 

This simple tweet broke the standing Twitter record and has so far been retweetet by 736.212 tweeps. Predictably the picture is also the most popular picture ever on Facebook with over 3 million likes and almost 500.000 shares.

So it must be huge on Google+ also!
As a matter of course I turned to Google+ to see how the picture had fared here. The official +Barack Obama page has over 2.3 mio. followers, which - though smaller than the corresponding numbers on Twitter and Facebook - is a sizable number. To my complete surprise and dismay I found, that the picture has so far not been shared by the page. In fact the last post tells me to go vote, so it would appear that news of the election result has not yet reached Google+.

Of course Google+ users have taken matters into their own hands and so a post by +Richard Branson has so far accumulated 1.119 +1s and 105 shares - and countless others have shared the tweet and/or the picture, so the results have not gone unnoticed on G+ after all.

Forgotten by the professionals
I'm certain that the tweet was part of the president very professional social media strategy (note the bright skies behind the couple on a picture posted on Twitter at 5.16 am - 15 minutes before the Chicago sunrise). That's fine by me and clearly also by millions of fans across the country - and indeed across the world.

It was clearly the right picture at the right time, but not at the right place.

The presidents loyal supporters have carried the campaign to the far reaches of the planet and the President thanked them all in his grand victory speech. Every one of those supporters are no doubt too excited and exhausted to focus on such small matters, but I'm sure that the 2.3 million people who added +Barack Obama to their circles would have loved to share that same moment with their friends and families (and I would personally have loved to see the ripples caused by such a post).

Google+ has a long way to go
But it was not to be, and so this election has shown that Google+ still has a long way to go before brands (including political campaigns) take it seriously. I must admit that this continues to surprise me as the GoogleVerse consists of the most interesting, intelligent and curious people, that I have ever met. If you want to have a meaningful dialogue with your fans, customers or voters - this is the place to be!

I'm sorry about the long rant. But that's how surprised I was when the most popular picture ever on social media was never officially posted on Google+.

Please share your thoughts on this - am I being completely unreasonable here? And I would of course love a comment from the people behind the official profile :-)

Quick note to prevent flames
I do not blame the president personally. He has much more important matters to focus on. But perhaps a lowly member of his campaign staff could log on and inform the public that the election is over and that they need not search for their local polling stations anymore...

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