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Check out the gallery. :)
All of these images were computer generated!

For the last few weeks, Googlers have been obsessed with an internal visualization tool that Alexander Mordvintsev in our Zurich office created to help us visually understand some of the things happening inside our deep neural networks for computer vision.  The tool essentially starts with an image, runs the model forwards and backwards, and then makes adjustments to the starting image in weird and magnificent ways.  

In the same way that when you are staring at clouds, and you can convince yourself that some part of the cloud looks like a head, maybe with some ears, and then your mind starts to reinforce that opinion, by seeing even more parts that fit that story ("wow, now I even see arms and a leg!"), the optimization process works in a similar manner, reinforcing what it thinks it is seeing.  Since the model is very deep, we can tap into it at various levels and get all kinds of remarkable effects.

Alexander, +Christopher Olah, and Mike Tyka wrote up a very nice blog post describing how this works:

There's also a bigger album of more of these pictures linked from the blog post:

I just picked a few of my favorites here.
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It's Friday. You made it. #FaceHug  

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cinnamon plum pie
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Cricket Schland is playing, too :)
Go to my blog and check out the news, the audio interview with the new coach, the selection, the usual Sunday grump, etc etc.
And support the Germs!
#cricket #Germany #gothegerms #ICCEURDIV2   #ICC #Europe #T20 #Deutschland #Schland  

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Hi guys, it's Brian Lara's Birthday! Check out this cute birthday page the admin of the official fanpage made for him, there is a video of fans (also a very small one ;)) wishing him a Happy Birthday, and you can also submit your own wish. Go have a look and share it with your friends
#westindies #westindiescricket #brianlara #birthday #cricket  

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Hi guys, do you want to be a part of a big "Happy Birthday Brian Lara" video compilation, and send your personal wish to the legend? A friend of mine is organising this, here's the idea:

Deepak, who runs the officially approved Brian Lara website, is making a little video compilation with birthday greetings for the big man, and would like fans from all over the world to send in their wishes (a short message filmed with your phone will do!!).

If you want to be a part of the video you can just send it to, or upload it to a cloud service such as Dropbox, OneDrive etc, and then send him the link. Deepak will compile the video and send it to Brian Lara and upload it to his website.

In case of any questions you can contact me or Deepak directly via his email address or Twitter account:

Keep in mind that Brian Lara's birthday is on 2nd May, so make sure your video arrives in time ;) So far 15 videos have been sent in, Deepak's little niece has also congratulated, a really cute little wish.

Thanks a lot to everyone who submits something , you are the best! :)

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Blitz Or Blunder - Germany In England At The Euro Div. 1

Preview of the German campaign at the ICC European Division 1 tournament in Sussex. The competition begins tomorrow, 8th July.

#germany #cricket #icc #europe  

Blitz Or Blunder - Germany In England At The Euro Div. 1

Preview of the German campaign at the ICC European Division 1 tournament in Sussex. The competition begins tomorrow, 8th July.

#germany #cricket #icc #europe  

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* ~ Blog ~ *

Podcast: German Batsman André Leslie

#associates #affiliates #germany #cricket #icc #podcast  

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~ Blog ~

Germany Dop Out Of Global Cricket 
round-up and outlook...

#gothegerms #wcl7 #germany   #cricketgermany   #worldcricketleague  #icc #cricket #wcldiv7   #botswana  

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Indian Code Wizards: great opportunity in #BANGALORE, please read

via +Deepak David:

I just joined Capillary and we are hiring Front-end Developers with 2+ experience. 

Mandatory Skills
#Javascript/ #jQuery  

Good To have
Twitter Bootstrap/ #SASS / #LESS

If you or your friends are interested in this mail me your resume @ Share it across.

For more details about Capillary visit

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