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Because playing the cajon the painless way is the only way
The best quality cajon is not about shiny paint jobs and shimmering colors ... " IT'S ABOUT WHO MAKES IT "

CAJONA DE MANILA makers of the world's best cajons since 2002 "The Painless Cajon" because playing the cajon the painless way is the only way . . .


tel: 722-7105

CELL GLOBE : 0915-9001577












“The best sound quality made Cajon is not about shiny paint jobs or fancy branded woods..." IT'S ABOUT WHO MAKES THEM PERSONALLY ” ... as common logic dictates : a heart surgery is better performed by a heart surgeon rather than a car mechanic ... ergo the better person to make the best sounding cajon would be the person who understands it well ... who play it professionally ... a percussionist to say the least ... and who has the CAJON as best evidence to prove that he indeed knows what he is doing . Often times there would be musicians who will claim they know what a cajon is and therefore know how to make it ... but the proof of the pudding is in the eating/tasting ... as the case maybe, do them musicians actually make it themselves ??? or do they just pay a carpenter to do it for them and claim they make it personally ??? ...

(The kind of wood used in a cajon is only a 30% factor of a good sounding cajon) even if you have the best kind of wood in the world but if your cajon maker is a carpenter and not a percussionist/drummer or at the very least a musician, the sound of your cajon will probably resemble a wooden cabinet with your bass sometimes sounding like your pounding an empty steel drum. Even if you give the poor carpenter the best and most expensive kind of wood, but if he does not know what a cajon should really sound like… and given that you need to pound the cajon he makes in order to hear it... That would simply indicate that he does not know how to tune it either… but don’t blame the poor carpenter because its not his job to play the cajon instrument after he makes it, much less know its origin and where it came from, who plays it and why was it invented, why does it have a hole and what is the correct size of wood to use, since the carpenter just copied it somewhere... and because it looks fairly easy and relatively simple to make since it is just rectangular in shape with a hole that makes noise ... he failed to understand the technology behind it !!! These carpenters simply thought that by copying my slapbox inch by inch from inside-out... that the good quality sound will just fall into place upon completion of the box. Unfortunately, it's not so... as evidenced by the kind of tune and quality their box turned out to be, which you will immediately find out as soon as you compare the sound of ALL THE CAJONS SOLD IN ALL MUSIC STORES vis-a-v after you test THE CAJON DE MANILA. The carpenter thought that its a good idea to make the cajon look good and shiny with all their skill on aesthetic effevts so that it will look saleable on the shelves of music stores. The all important qualities of a good sounding cajon and especially the hand-friendly comfortability when playing the cajon comes into play when a musician beginner or professional starts to play it for quite a while… and chances are if your box is made by a carpenter, you would be feeling the pain in your hands early on. If you are new to playing the cajon you would probably notice that there is something wrong with how it sounds, especially that you have to stoop/bend forward very low in order for you to strike the bass area which happens to be situated on the very low front portion of the box , that's goin to be a big problem especially if you have to sing solo or back-up while playing the cajon and i encourage you to try it with different carpenters box sold in stores so youl'll know what i mean, if you are careful and discriminating, in that you would find time to go around and compare it to other cajons that are being sold in all music stores as against the ones that are made to order by bonafide percussionists WHO REALLY TRULY HONESTLY PERSONALLY MAKE IT BY THEMSELVES. For all you know, the poor carpenter hasn’t even seen an original cajon or much less played one.. so before deciding to buy one make sure you test a cajon made by a percussionist and compare it to the ones made by carpenters sold in stores… That is of course if “the sound quality and the comfort on your hands are important to you.” I am perhaps, just one among many PERCUSSIONISTS who makes real quality cajons and if you happen to come across this web of mine I’ll be happy to accommodate your presence to demo my cajon so you can prove to yourself the difference between my SLAP n' TAP / TAP n' SLAP cajons as compared to the ones made by carpenters… and other musicians too. Rest assured you will not be forced to order and buy after the demo ... much less will i be obligated to to make one for you even if you decide to want to order one. As it is my passion to make and play the cajon, I FIND IT MORE FULFILLING TO GET TO CHOOSE WHO I'M MAKING MY CAJON FOR.




FIRST – “It is not my intention that all would be buyers of cajon gets to own the cajons that I make. I'd like to be able to choose who i'll be making my cajons for... I would much prefer it that other users of cajon own a different brand… whether brands by carpenters or by other musicians.THAT WAY THERE IS A POINT OF COMPARISON .


SECOND - If all of us are using the same cajon brands then there is nothing to compare it with anymore!

at the end of the day – if you gather all the cajons of different Carpenters and played them side by side with the ones made by a Percussionist, the cajons made by a percussionist best quality will undoubtedly stand out from all the rest !





If you don’t want to spend again and again trying out different carpenters cajon branded by music stores ... because the cajon you bought was horrendous to your hands and ear… make time and effort to experience demos of cajons made by musicians so you can make an intelligent comparison from cajons sold in stores.



Simple logic goes: when you need a heart operation you go to a heart surgeon, not a car mechanic… when you want a high quality cajon, GO FOR THE ONE'S PERSONALLY MADE BY MUSICIANS BECAUSE CHANCES ARE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING ... find out too if the musician is really the one's making it or they are just having it made by a carpenter, there's a difference and you will be able to spot them if you are observing the demo with focus on sound quality and handfriendliness when tappin and slappin it ...



-Talk to the maker themselves

- go visit where they make them

- ask questions regarding the sound like:

- why does it rattle everywhere or worst how come it doesn't rattle at all in the snare area where you strike it...

- why is the bass striking portion too low in the front area of the box? Can you not make it higher so that i won't have to bend forward too low as it gets to be painful in the back after a while...

- if they truly know what their doing they should be able to put the bass striking area higher on the top portion where you don't have to bend all the time...

- bass sound must at least have a 3 sound tones on the 1st striking layer... and another 3 bass tones on the 2nd striking layer (round low, flat low and low overtone)

- more important of all is that the snare striking portion should be almost feather touch using only 1 to 2 fingers to make it rattle.

- it's origin etc...


simple case in point: an architect can never be a better heart surgeon than the doctor who studied for it. and vice versa...



- preferably those i get to talk to or even those who email me (as in the case of most of the people overseas who ordered and bought my slapbox) gives me the impression that they have a real need/want for a bonafide high quality cajon.


NOTE: readers of this page has no obligation to buy cajons from me as i am not the only musician who makes cajon.


(this information is being emphasized due to a lot of inquiries we receive on a daily average and to guide those who would like to get their money's worth on the cajon that they buy)




- no microphones attached to an amp or mixer


- the sound of the cajon must be good & loud already even w/out the mic


- there must be a clear distinction between the snare & bass by just merely tapping "not pounding"

- you must be able to achieve 16 beat rattle on your snare by just a '2 finger alternate taps'


- a loud rattle should be attained by a mere 1 finger tap on your snare


the bass sound must have 6 different tones ranging from low-mid-and hi overtones


furthermore, your cajon must be tunable from inside-out... because it's a musical instrument which is tunable ( like drum sets, guitars etc.). If the cajon you bought from stores are not tunable and fixed tuned then you've been short changed because it falls on the cathegory of a musical instrument accessory.


if you have any questions/clarifications, i will be more than happy to help you...




(these comments were picked-out randomly from over 905 users of CAJON DE MANILA to date "2012")



Hi sir,

Tried the cajon that I got from you already...the best talaga at dami natuwa...thanks a lot sir...hope to see you real soon para kwentuhan ulit....

Anyway here's my repertoire...kindly check the attached documents....thanks po ulit!!!GOD BLESS




hi mark

sorry my december orders has been filled up already since june, reserved for by jazz musicians from canada, if you like you can order it ahead of time like sometime november or even sooner, so that it will be on standby ready come december if not there are a lot of music stores here that sells all sorts of carpenters box that might interest your fancy.


Lark - No offense sir but theyre all crap. Prefer yours. Il let you know. thank you

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Bennie - good pm sir jeric, if there is one thing important that i have learned from buying your cajon, it is the value of having to canvass your target instrument by looking at the actual physical quality and performance of the instrument before deciding on which to buy. My previous way of canvassing the cajon based on its price, as i've told you already, has not only given me disappointment but has wasted my time and money too. I am honored to be one of the proud owners of cajon de manila. Thanks a million sir jeric.

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"Ive been using Jeric's Cajon since 2003 and i am very happy with it! The sound is very different from other Cajon's who are trying to imitate Jeric's Cajon,you will notice the big difference in its sound and touch..."


Patrick - GMA 7

hi sir nacompare ko yun luma ko maestro sa cajon mo, grabe ang layo ng tunog... parang nahihiya tuloy ako sa tunog ng maestro... im so happy nagkaron ako ng cajon galing syo... thanks so much sir.


"Sir ganda talaga ng tunog ng pro master, ang lupit! Astig! thanks!"

- Earl (singapore)


I now own #659 Cajon made by Sir Jeric Gutierrez. It really sounds very nice. Kudos job for your craftsmanship for creating such a great instrument. :) I enjoy slap and tapping the cajon. :)

- Jonathan Tayawa


Hey Jeric, I finally used the cajon this week. Sounds good! Most people like it. Expect an eamil from a friend who wants to order. This is Jose ot Toto from Toronto who bought the cajon last Mar ch? Remember me?

- jocel


Hi Jeric,

si magnifique (magnificent), si remarquable et excellent (so remarkable and excellent), j'aime d sound tellement (i love the sound so much)... your pro-master series slapbox is 10 times better than any of my cajon and percussion collections from the latin countries, i hope i can order 3 pcs. more for june...

merci vou cuo (thank you) et bonne journee (good day)

francois - Paris, France


i love your cajon

- mark from melbourne, Australia



This is really great jeric, i like how you were able to evenly distribute the different tones of the snare and bass of the pro-master slapbox. I am seriously considering of ordering some more and make a business out of it here in Canada. Pls. let me know what you think soon.

thanks a lot,

Jean Paul - Montreal, Canada


Hey Jeric, couldn't take my hands off on oyur pro-masters slapbox. I was right in trusting what i read in your website, although i was really hopin' i won't be makin' a mistake again for the 3rd time around. As i told you before the previous couple of cajons i ordered thru the internet particularly the one's made from Peru and the one's from Mexico were a disaster. Your a true craftsman of the cajon and a genius, every sense of the word.

catch you later dude, thanks

Brian M. - San Diego, California


Buon giorno mio amico, jericho. La musica strumento e superbo e fantastico

(good day my friend jeric, your music instrument " Pro-Master Slapbox" is superb and fantastic

grazie grazie

Guido - Milan, Italy


You are truly world class sir jeric! :) galing! ganda ng tunog halos hindi ko npapagod mag cajon :) dami na nagtatanong san galing cajon ko, i keep on saying it is made by a world class maker. hehe. ingat po. God Bless! more power! Your pro-master series slapbox is amazing!! Its truly WORLD CLASS! my co musicians are very curious who made my cajon! Thank you so much Sir Jeric! God Bless and more power!


Arnie Libante

-Libante Strings

hi Jeric,



finally the cajon is with me right now! =D i'm satisfied with the sounds (snare n bass).. deep n round.. n i'm proud being ur 1st bruneian customer! now i will enjoy my new cajon..=)


i'm thinking of being a reseller here in it possible? thanks jeric,


best regards,




Sir jerico thank you very much for the cajon..I am very happy to have a piece of your handwork.I really want to learn how to play the cajon and at last I have my own now to practice and to jam with.thank you very much!- nicole 'engineering - de lasalle university


Dear Jeric,

I excitedly picked up my parents this morning as they arrived around 10:15am JAL. My excitement heightened when I saw my Mother carrying the Cajon with the


back pack case.




My father was telling me about how you brought the slapbox to Natib St for them. Thank you as my father could not find your address for some reason at Irid St. I


finally opened the case to be really pleased with the sight of your masterpiece. It truly is a work of patience and dedication. I myself have an eye for detail and I can


see that it was made with passion for the instrument and pride of your workmanship.




Over the past couple of weeks I have researched other Cajon's in the market like ones made by LP and Meinl that are available at local music stores. The finishes


were very nice and the choice of veneer often exotic for appearance sake. Some of them have toggles/pedals that allow the player to remove or activate the snares. I


tested some of them and now that I have # 615 to compare with, there really is not rival (Sans-Rival) lol




I like the corner snares and every detail that you mention in your website I can actually say is the truth. The other Cajon's although also nice, you have to tap or slap


harder to get the sound and is hard on your hands. Yours takes little or no effort to get the snare sound which is perfectly tuned thanks to your detailed 'ear' The back


of the Slapbox is also like having a second Cajon where the sounds mimick sounds similar to a bongo drum. I am truly impressed and happy with the workmanship


but most importantly the sound.

I first saw the Cajon in the Philippines last March when I was there with my wife. I noticed the hotel entertainers sitting on a box and beating on the sides while


accompanying the singers and guitar players. I eventually spoke to one of them and asked what that was and he told me it was a beat box. I automatically thought that


this would be a great instrument for unplugged musicians in Canada or the US. Up to this day, I don't think it is highly popular yet. Once people get to see a


percussionist play the instrument well, I see the popularity growing quite fast. There are many upcoming bands that perform in local coffee shops and bars and the Slapbox is a great instrument that is very easy portable.




I was in the furniture business before and used to import my furniture from Indonesia. I specialized in Teak wood furniture which is similar to Nara wood. I also


repaired and refinished antiques and other furniture pieces for customers to pass the time and earn extra income. I am always keen and open minded to any business


opportunity Jeric. More importantly, I am always willing to help in any way.




Let us see the potential to grow this business in North America. I will test out the market here now that I have #615 and let us see the reactions of the people that I


show it to. I will try showing it to some of the church choirs/bands here to start. I know of one particular church here where they have a youth mass and always have


a drummer with a full drum kit. I see how much time it takes to set and take it down only for a 1 hour mass. I am sure a Slapbox/Cajon would do the trick and even


get the church crowd amused!


Let me know more about your proposal of having a manufacturing site here in North America to cater for the market here. I am in the shipping business now and I


know how the dimensional weight of your product will add to the end cost of the slapbox even if the actual weight is light.


Anyhow, sorry for the long e-mail. I know you are very busy, keep up the fantastic quality and keep in touch. I will be busy playing your Slapbox this weekend, hope


the neighbours don't mind (haha) Have a great weekend yourself with your family!

Cheers & Godbless,

Alf "Vancouver, Ca"

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