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Mediawayss AD TECH is a global advertising company operated by own platfroms named SSP Mediawayss, and AnyPops!
Mediawayss AD TECH is a global advertising company operated by own platfroms named SSP Mediawayss, and AnyPops!


Join our team, and learn more about the future of OutStream video ads for publishers:
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What is outstream video ads for publishers?

Outstream video is a new wave in video monetization. This is a game-changing ad format, which allows publishers to monetize their website with video ads more efficiently than with classic pre-rolls, post-rolls and other in-stream ads.

What exactly outstream video format is?

This is a video unit (named outstream ads, in-page video ads or in-read video ads), which autoplays on all the pages in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content. Usually it is an article. Publisher can place these ads even if he doesn’t have video content on the site, that’s why it’s called “Ourstream” video format.

As it goes out from the definition, this is a key idea and advantage for publishers – they may place this format on all the pages of their website even if they don’t have video content. Thus, the game is changing. Now, all the webmasters and publishers can have their slice of pie in video market and make higher income in comparison with display or even native ads.

What the market tendencies for outstream video format are?

This ad format keeps growing its presence in the video market, due to specific reasons. The major one is a lack of video inventory in the industry. Based on Emarketer data only in 2016 video advertising has grown by 28%. In 2017 – 2018 it will keep growing by 19%. More and more advertisers tend to promote their products with video advertising. That is why leading platforms cannot meet growing demand with just standard in-stream video ads.

Video market ran into the challenge to create and develop a new video format, which would help to overcome this demand-supply mismatch and fill market with video traffic of a good quality. In this case, outstream (or in-page) video format is a leader among the existing solutions. The biggest publishers already get benefit in this situation. For example, Buzzfeed generates more than 50% of video revenue using outstream video format and expects to reach 75% the nearest time.

Are outstream, in-page video ads brand safe for publishers?

- The major advertisers are the same as for standard in-stream video ads.
- Typically advertisers are able to provide outstream video formats customized for the specific site’s requirements. Such as: size, sound and content.
- Brand safe for SEO, as it is implemented using JS code, which is similar to the code for standard banners advertising.

What is the average result with outstream video ads for publishers?

Results depend on platform which you use, major regions of your audience and your site’s specifics. In general, average results for our publishers are as followed:

- CPM from 10 to 20$ for English-speaking regions.
- Fill rate from 60 to 95% for outstream video formats.
- Individual content settings.
- Site optimized tags (sound, size, content, frequency).

As you can see from the numbers, ourstream video format (or in-page video formats) is able to generate significantly higher revenue than display banners and even native ads on your site. This can be really a golden coin for your website.

Start monetizing site with outstream video formats:

Learn more about our in stream, and outstream video formats:
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50$ бонус всем паблишерам! Только в Январе!
Подключайтесь к нам и зарабатывайте уже сегодня!
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Get up to 100% fill rate for your direct video traffic with our brand safe video demand in 193 countries! Connect with us:
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eMarketer updated its estimates for digital video use in Western Europe, predicting that more than seven in 10 internet users will be digital video users by 2020.
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Content Roll – the key for publishers to start earning with video advertising.

Video advertising is one of the most growing categories in digital marketing.
Based on Emarketer data predictions, video advertising is showing 28% growth this year. In 2017 - 2018 it will keep growing by 19%.

Today, publishers are looking for effective ways to maximize revenue from their sites, using standard video format such as Pre Roll.
This is an effective way for those, who have video content or video block on their site, but at the same time it’s not useful format for the whole website.

As a result, your income, as a publisher, decreases.

Let’s see how you can use content roll to enhance your revenue, as a publisher.

What is content roll?

This is a video format, which appears on webpages when user is scrolling a page. Thus, providing high viewability of the ad.

The key advantage for publishers is that you can implement this format on all the pages. It can be placed on news, chat, streaming, weather or another pages of your site.

The idea for publisher is to make mone from placing video advertising on the whole site, but not just on pages where you have video content.

Content roll implementation on your website is easy. It’s just a JS code, provided by an advertiser, and all you need is to implement it on your website, as a standard JS code for banners.

Learn on our site how content roll can be displayed on your website:
Demo Version:
Discover our video formats:

We offer following advantages for publishers, who use our content roll:

eCPM up to 10$
90 – 100% Fill Rate
Video unit folds after the playing
With or without sound
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Dear Partners, We Wish you Merry Christmas, and Best Holidays!
We are Proud to work with you!
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Mediawayss has started partnership with Forensiq a global leader in the scanning traffic quality! Lets go!
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Mediawayss Crazy Thursday Party!
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Dear Partners!
Welcome to our official Google+ community which will help us to share the last news about Mediawayss!
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