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Where To Start - Learning Android Development the Right Way

My wife recently asked for help to get started Developing for Android so I felt it would be best to gather up some resources that would get her off and running in the right direction with style and UI consistency in the forefront to ensure that she knows how important it is to follow the UI Standards set down from Google.

Here are some excellent resources I found that I hope can help you too:

First Things First, Learn Java

If you don't know the Java Programming Language or maybe you are coming from a different language and need to get familiar with some Java constructs, here are some excellent resources to get you started.

Java Tutorial (Extensive Tutorial)

Getting started with Java - "A beginner's guide to Java Programming"

Introduction to Java Programming - Lars Vogel

Introduction to Programming in Java (MIT Course)

Video - Learning Java: Part 1: Basic Introduction

Free Interactive Java Tutorial

Java Beginner Tutorial

Thinking in Java Book by +Bruce Eckel
NOTE: Excellent book. 3rd Edition FREE Online

Getting Started with Android Development

Resources every Android developer must know by +Sergey Povzner

NOTE: Even if you skip the rest, make sure to check out Sergey's list above. 

Getting Started with Android Development by +Ray Wenderlich

Getting Started With Android Development by +Chris Lacy

Getting Started with Android Development in 2015 - Windows Version by +Troy Miles (aka The Rock n Coder)

Support Library (to help maintain support with older versions of Android)

Video Training

Android Bootcamp Training

Recommended Books
NOTE: Thanks to Nima Gh for the great Book Reference list posted in the comments.

Best Android Books and Resources 2014 Edition

FREE eBooks

andbook! Android Programming

Essential Code Libraries, Samples and Tools to Build Modern Apps

Android Asset Studio by +Roman Nurik

ActionBarSherlock by +Jake Wharton



ViewPagerIndicator by +Jake Wharton +Patrik Åkerfeldt


Pull To Refresh Views for Android


Android PagerSlidingTabStrip by +Andreas Stütz
NOTE: Slide style Tab Indicator like in the Play Store

Make Your Apps Tablet Friendly - Learn To User Fragments

Working With Fragments by +Shane Conder

Using Fragments in Android - Tutorial by +Lars Vogel


When developing for Android it is important to understand Java, Layouts and Fragments but it is also really important to understand the Android UI Standards and how to use them to ensure consistency in your App Design, as well as, familiarity that will ensure user-friendliness in your design.

Hopefully the resources and links above will be helpful to get you started with Android Development or if you are already Developing for Android, maybe you can find something to make your Apps even better.

Enjoy :-)

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