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I'm on Facebook, therefore I am
Before personal computers, the Internet, and cellphones, we
had our own version of Facebook in grammar school.  Called “Slam Books”, it was one of those adolescent
fads before electronics.  Each student
had their own spiral notebook that they passed around,...
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A Tale of Three Cities... et trois bestioles
Case One:  Northern
Indiana and a deer tick Madame Rouquine is an avid gardener, an occupation which
serves her twin passion for food quite well, since she grows her herbs just
feet away from her table on her deck and her Professional Grade grill.  On a lov...
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One of my long-standing
clients used to employ an International Director stationed here in the
U.S.   That gentleman has since been
relocated back to France, but I remember distinctly his passionate first
reflections on his ex-pat experience.   He
was so in...
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A Translator defends the Affordable Care Act
As someone who has been
self-employed for over twenty years, I have known the joy of achievements that
I owe to no one but myself.   Self-employment
is not for the faint of heart.   Each
conquest is accompanied by hours of unpaid work in unrelated fields.  ...
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The translator: a stranger in my own country
A couple of weeks ago, at a small friendly gathering of
language professionals, I met an elderly gentleman who claimed to be able to
pinpoint a person’s place of birth by listening to the individual’s accent. He couldn’t correctly place me. I might, despite...
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Let's win some money
The board meetings were drawing to a close.  The French directors had already risen from
the board room table.  At this point, my
attention to the conversation could move into a more casual mode.  I could physically sense my adrenaline level sinking,
and th...
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Please give my your Divided Attention
I spent a weekend in an intensive workshop for court
interpreters.  My work flow has been such
lately that I have been looking forward to Brain Down Time on the
weekends:  slouched in a chair flipping
channels between a great old Katherine Hepburn film, a q...
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Fallen Pines Poems
and photography by D eborah
Joyce Fallen
Pines I
found you nose
in the dirt bleached
bare a
rack of ribs lifting
your true-arrow spine aspiring
to crawl to
a place separate from
that of your birth. My
own feet will
doubtless do no better ...
The Bilinguist Blog
The Bilinguist Blog
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Le Second Degré
Many years ago, working on a large in-house translation
project, I supplied French translations to a group of programmers who were
rebuilding the on-line Billings and Collections program for an American
company.  The French I was asked to
supply was a simpl...
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Fringe benefits
My annual trip to the tax preparer has all the
stomach-churning anxiety of a trip to the dentist.  I’m not worried about paying huge tax
amounts.  Rather, I have to sit through a
thorough examination of my performance for another year, purely from a
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