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David Cournapeau
NumPy and Scipy contributor, music junkie
NumPy and Scipy contributor, music junkie

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Fascinating history of the silicon valley by Steve Blank: Secret History of Silicon Valley

I have wondered for a while about the influence of WWII over the US supremacy in innovation, that looks like another piece of the puzzle I was not aware of.

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Had a good laugh seeing this movie poster:

It is as if R. Emmerich was the answer to the "Was Shakespear a fraud" question...

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I prepared some slides for an informal presentation about bento at work. This may be the quickest way to get an idea about bento at this point

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Interesting discussion about the failure of Japanese IT companies on HN: I had a discussion with a colleague on this exact topic, and I wonder how much is due to the "quest for perfection" (改善-kaizen) so pervasive in Japanese culture and work ethic. It makes iterative improvements more difficult, as those are more prone to occasional failures.

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I like this picture of one "Indigne":

("reveillez-vous" means wake-up in French. Metallica was famous for its strong stance against napster).

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From Guggenheim to Union Square (23 photos)
23 Photos - View album

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From Guggenheim to Union Square

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From Tyler Cowen, a small comment from Matt Yglesias about starship troopers:

Did some people actually take the movie literally ? Seems hard to believe.
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