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Rick Grant
Strategic Communications Consultant - Former war zone journalist
Strategic Communications Consultant - Former war zone journalist

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Found this wall quote at our dog training centre. I think I have a ways to go to catch up to the dog.

#dog #bordercollie #quote  

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Words to stay alive to in a war zone. (Blog Post)

"I still break out in a sweat when I recall being stopped at the point of two AK-47’s in Mogadishu during the civil war by two teenagers high on the local drug, Khat. The drug acts as a mild amphetamine and it is not something that should be in the body of a hyper alert and dead scared 17 year old with a weapon he does not know how to use properly.
Over and over I shouted, “Don’t shoot! I am Canadian” in Somali.
For added good measure I kept throwing in “BBC! BBC!”. The British Broadcasting Corporation news service had, and probably still has, a very high reputation among ordinary Somalis who never failed to listen to the Word News on shortwave."

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Here is something to raise the hair on the heads of any aviation buffs.

This is new video shot from the world's only flying DH Mosquito of a Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane, and B-25 Mitchell formation flight over southern Ontario.

There has never been anything like video before.

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Quite the epic and brilliant stunt.

This morning Samsung loaded 30 trucks with $1 billion dollars in 5 cent coins to pay a court ordered fine to Apple.

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Teen mauled after trying to kiss lion in South Africa; survives to pass on her genetic stupidity.

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Well this sort of ruins things for broadcast news reporters.

The super secret list of words that reporters are taught to use to add fake urgency has been leaked.

When I learned these, along with the piercing eye stab into the camera and the nicely faked false compassion, I swore a blood oath of secrecy.

Now who will believe reporters?

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Sir William Preece, chief engineer of the U.K. General Post Office, in 1876: "The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys."

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I thought I was going to watch a documentary about Border Collies and instead I ended up watching one of the best video storytelling productions I have ever seen. A stunning piece of work that highlights the best of documentary art. And you don't have to be interested in sheep herding at all.

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I am liking Brown's #Inferno but the best bit is it will turn thousands of people onto Dante's version.

And thanks to SF master John Scalzi for this . . ."Complaining about Dan Brown's Inferno is like yelling at a cupcake for not being a salad"

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Where does he find time to do all this on the Space Station? Brilliant cover of Space Oddity. Safe trip home tomorrow sir.
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