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Trevis has been pondering life with MS, is he really Father Ted, or has he turned into Father Jack?

Happy St Patrick's Day, Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig from the Emerald Isle

#MS #MSer #MultipleSclerosis #StPatricksDay #Charity

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Annoyed with the word "authenticity" everywhere?

Don't pretend at being genuine.

Be real, human, and make friends with your audience. Get your corner of the internet feeling like a private shopping experience for all.

Soon enough you'll be getting on like a house on fire, and that makes for happy customers. :)

#marketing #comms #pr #crm #millennials #business

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Our latest news and easy to follow social media advice.

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Emma's been busy, proud to be Marketing Coordinator for Chilled in a Field Festival.

Take a look at this fabulous sell-out event that has featured in The Guardian's top 25 festivals in the UK and Europe and won silver from Festival Kidz. 

We are incredibly pleased to present Social Results's Network of professionals on hand to help businesses, charities and social enterprises online.

Infographics, web development, digital account management, social media, copy writing, editing, voice talent, film and video production, and full scale PR and communications services.

A freelance solution to your social media engagement needs.

Go on get in touch, we'd love to work with you.

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An easy to follow guide to help organisations to deal effectively with those difficult moments.

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our full range of services.

Everything you need to make your business grow online, from social media management and training, to website building, large projects, product launches and events.

#business   #creative   #startups   #onlinemarketing   #communications  

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This is how we brought the complexities of managing social networks effectively for business to the real world. 
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