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Forgot about this!  Kind of kool!  from a couple winters ago!
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Jeff Greenlee (Banjoman) commented on a post on Blogger.
This tutorial probably seems pretty old now but I'm just starting these tutorials and I'm really enjoying them! I am heading to snag in and tutorial 4 when I have the "easy levels "button:

error: [string "Button = class()..."]:42: attempt to index field 'pos' (a nil value)

The block is here:

function Button:hit(p)
local l = self.pos.x - self.size.x/2
local r = self.pos.x + self.size.x/2
local t = self.pos.y + self.size.y/2
local b = self.pos.y - self.size.y/2
if p.x > l and p.x < r and
p.y > b and p.y < t then
return true

return false

So why does pos have a value of 'nil'?

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