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Finally the last day of the year 2015 arrived
without a second’s delay, as punctual as always. So I am here with my last post
for 2015(I brag as if I used to post every day… :p). A little review of the
year 2015 deemed necessary to be fed in my blog. Well I...

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Love At First Sight
The street seemed completely unfamiliar decorated beautifully
with bright glittering lights. Though the street seems to be beautified for a
festive celebration, I could not spot a single person .The atmosphere felt
unusually chilly and I could clearly see m...

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Peaceful Dreamland.
Cuddled up under the blanket so warm, I lie fully awake but cold. In the battling thoughts of right and
wrong, I lost the peace of my dormant mind. Saturated with betrayal and dismal, My four chambered heart seemed numerous
pieces. My tired and exhausted ey...

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“Lips Stick Instead of Lip balm.”
The most commonly loathsome situation
during winter season is to deal with dry and chapped lips. Being a sleep lover,
I often get late to catch up with bus to my office. So putting on a perfect
make up taking care of every details of my face is out of quest...

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Here You Come
Here you come with the touch of warmth
driving away the pain of freezing cold. Here you come with the scent so sweet
cleansing the air with natural fragrance. Here you come with the colorful life
decorating the nature with beautiful blossoms. Here you come ...

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“Ice-cream Tonight”
“Sis, I heard result is out, can you look into mine,
I will message you my index number” came panting voice filled with anxiety and
impatience. “Just now I am having lunch, I will go check right after
lunch”  said I and ended the call.
Anxiety and curiosity...

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
I would like to express
my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude towards one of the promising blogger Mr.
Ugyen Tenzin for nominating and introducing me to this award. Sir you never
fails to capture the heart of readers through your charming and soulful

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I want a Bear
“I love You” said my dear Druksel. The words
as sweet as the voice of the speaker himself made my heart beat the rhythm of a
joy. “Love you too dear” was my immediate reply with an intensity filled with
love and affection. “What are you doing… asked my darl...
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