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Brief Encounter (1945)
Rachmaninoff piano concerto No. 2 blares over the shot of a British couple slowly walking through a train station. Never has the music in a film not matched the actions as it does in Brief Encounter . David Lean directs Brief Encounter -- this classic tale...

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One False Move (1992)
Bill Paxton was something else. The Texan got his start about 40 years ago as a set dresser for New World Pictures before landing a bit part soon after in New World's cheap-o Crazy Mama . Paxton never looked back. His crooked smile was a welcome site in ...

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Cash on Demand (1961)
With the recent resurrection of Peter Cushing in Star Wars , I thought it'd be a good time to mention one of his earlier Hammer films this week, Cash on Demand . Like The Silent Partner , this is a Christmas-time noir taking place in a bank during a robbery...

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The Silent Partner (1978)
Is The Silent Partner the best Canadian crime film? That's a bit of a joke because I can't think of any other Canadian crime film. I first discovered the movie about 5 years ago. I'm a movie nerd, and this movie is so small and forgotten even the most die...

Has anyone got the FILMSTRUCK app for Fire TV to to work on NVIDEA SHIELD?

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LA Confidential (1997)
“This is the City of the Angels, and you haven’t got any wings.” In  Life Magazine ’s Film Noir: 75 Years of the Greatest Crime Films , writer J.I. Baker details the connection between tabloids and pulp fiction. At a time when respectable journalism reigned...

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Zodiac (2007)
“Just because you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” Few serial killers afflicted more fear in their time than the Zodiac. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the elusive murderer wreaked havoc on Northern California, racking up countless victim...

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The Red House (1947)
The Red House is one of the first rural noirs. Some casual noir fans may be surprised that so many noir stories take place outside the rain-soaked dark alleys of the city.  "Rural noir" has been happening since the beginning of the noir movement with Albert...

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Se7en (1995)
Editor's note: This week, Danilo Castro at Film Noir Archive reminds us of the great Se7en -- a film that's now over 20 years old. “Hemingway once wrote, ‘The world’s a fine place and worth fighting for.’ I agree with the second part.” David Fincher was don...

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Red Rock West (1993)
The film's stylishly stenciled promotional poster. Red Rock is one of pulp fiction’s many purgatories. It’s a dusty breeding ground for local losers, insufferable seediness, and the almighty motive of money, which trumps love no matter where one originally ...
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