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Two former Merck & Co Inc scientists accusingthe drugmaker of falsifying tests of its exclusive mumps vaccinesaid in a court filing on Monday that Merck is refusing torespond to questions about the efficacy of the vaccine.
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The voting was a little divided and will still require a final vote. Where do you stand on this? Could benefit some carriers more than others

#android   #fcc   #carriers   #5g  
Within the telecom realm, wireless and otherwise, the concept of "special access" lines refers to special high-speed lines used for things like network bac
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Judge rules for Fitbit in patent dispute with Jawbone
But a separate trial against Fitbit for corporate espionage begins in 10 days.
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Get ready for UHD.
Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are coming this year, but your current Blu-ray player won't be able to play them.
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I'll either see those in the cinema or download them.  Not interested in physical media any more.
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Google Patents Electronic Device That Would Be Injected Onto Your Freaking Eyeball
Merging biology with electronics isn’t a question of if, but when. Some enterprising biohackers have even decided that the time is now. Google-parent Alphabet appears to be preparing for our cybernetic future with a new patent for electronics that can be injected onto your eye.
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News of Harvard's mumps outbreak has drawn antivaxxers like moths to a swollen red flame.
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This is the most intentionally awful stock photo we could find.
While automotive cybersecurity is quite important, that seems a bit much.
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The Alternate Versions of Captain America Throughout His 76 Year History
On the latest episode of Variant, host Arris Quinones explores the alternate versions of Captain America that have come to be throughout his 76 year history. Captain America: Civil War is currently…
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  One batch, Two batch, Penny and Dime. This is going to be awesome. Yes, you got it, it means that Netflix will be launching a Punisher series in the foreseeable future, but unfortunately there’s no details yet about the exact date. One batch, Two batch, Penny and Dime. This is going to be awesome. Yes, yo
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Social Media Cheat Sheet: All the Key Image Sizes to Know
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Tippecanoe, IN, USA
Nappanee, IN, USA - Warsaw, IN, USA - Leesburg, IN, USA - West Lafayette, IN, USA
Just a geek and gamer girl.
I don't add everyone who adds me to their circle. We only have a limited number of people/pages we can circle and not everyone who follows me has posts that interest me, hell some of you don't have any posts at all. I also don't sort my posts, so if you can deal with that great; if not, you probably don't want to circle me. I have more than one topic of interest and I assume other people do as well. Just an FYI, if you come onto my posts and start making insulting posts at myself or other commenters, threatening or vitriolic comments or otherwise engaging in trolling behavior, I will block you.

I like:
  • my husband (ok I love him)
  • computers
  • gaming
  • reading/writing
  • RPGs
  • Game modding
  • MMOs: Lord Of The Rings Online, SWTOR, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, Marvel Heroes, RIFT, Defiance
  • Other games: 7 Days to Die, Torchlight I & II , Dragon Age Origins, Dungeon Siege, Diablo I & II, Banished
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy
  • science
  • nature
  • comparative religions/philosophies
  • horses
  • wolves
  • TV shows: Continuum, Arrow, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Grimm, Walking Dead, Lost Girl, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Scorpion, The Originals, The Strain, iZombie, The Flash, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sleepy Hollow
  • Old TV shows: Alphas, Being Human (both versions), Sanctuary, Stargate, Farscape, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9), Babylon 5, Moonlight, Blood Ties, Forever Knight, Friday the 13th the Series, Kyle XY, Smallville, Secret Circle, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Battlestar Galactica (old and new), Eureka, Legend of the Seeker, Dresden Files, Warehouse 13, The Tomorrow People, Almost Human, In the Flesh
I dislike:
  • GMOs (some are OK, but in general I don't think enough research has been done to prove they are safe.) and I really dislike the chemical-laden growing environments they encourage.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup and other artificial sweeteners
  • people jamming their religion down my throat (a discussion is fine; telling me I'm going to hell because I don't believe as you do, is not acceptable.)
  • racism/sexism/bigotry
  • political parties
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