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I am paying down a lot of technical debt in a rails project. RSpec: I'm sorry that we've neglected you!
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WebMock is even more awesome, just fyi
I looked at webmock first, but liked FakeWeb better. What makes WebMock the more awesome?
WebMock gives you the ability to qualify the response based on the request. That it to say, given a POST to this URL with this request body, return this response, but with that request body, return that response. Useful for mocking horrible SOAP web services that multiplex everything through one endpoint.

It's also a little bit easier to write assertions about the stubbed requests that the mock service received, if you're into that kind of thing.
Ooh, different responses based on POST request body. That's actually pretty handy.

And yeah, I would like to occasionally test that I'm sending what I think I'm sending.
If you starting messing around with that and you want to assert XML equality without having to worry about whitespace and attribute order and all that irrelevant jazz, lorax is your friend:
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