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Comic Books Collectors
App for Android devices to keep track of comics collection.
App for Android devices to keep track of comics collection.


We're fixing some bugs on the app, if you would like to try this fixes as beta tester please register here:

or here:

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Check out the new update 3.0 for both paid and free version. More updates coming this weekend.
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The search engine for comics has been improved, if some comics that you were looking for didn't appear, please try again.

No update needed!
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Remember to add your personal API key from Comic Vine. This will allow you to add and search comics without problems.

To add the API key go to the settings screen.
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New Version 2.0 is now available for free version!

- New GUI
- Improved search
- Use personal API key
- Bugs fixed

Update now!

If you don't have it? Give it a try!
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New version is on the play store.

- Bugs on Pull List, Auto Update and when opening the app fixed.
- Added the option to add your own API key (improves adding new comics)

Thanks for the support!
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Beta for V2 still going!

Now with Pull List option, if you want to participate please let us know!
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Right now working V2 of the App, if you are a Variant Edition user and would like to do beta testing please let me know!
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Now add Variant Covers for all your single issues!
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