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Xero Roadshow in Launceston Tasmania Feb 4, 2015. Ann Navarette pictured below is the Xero adviser for Tasmania.
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The Intrepid Bookkeeper
A journey Begins ~ Well here it goes again, I’m out there alone again. I’ve left the world of a “safe” salary, holiday pay, personal leave, bonuses, not to mention the ability to get a loan because once again I’m what you called ‘self-employed’.  Yes I left my beautiful job as Administration Manager of a wonderful Nursing Home that I had given my heart to when I went there 4 years ago starting as the contract bookkeeper. So now I’ve gone full circle, back working for myself and looking for new and interesting clients.
I’ve made sure I’m certified, registered, endorsed, insured, approved and my new best friend is a software program called Xero. Xero is truly as beautiful as they say and I may sadly be leaving behind a faithful companion of over 10 yrs. called MYOB. Xero just works so well with virtual bookkeeping.
After tackling the legalities of opening my business my next learning curve has been the dreaded marketing. Not something any true bookkeeper loves and we just love to get on with our work, lost in the world of excel and truly in ecstasy when a file is as clean as a whistle. Yes I ‘m sure it’s a sickness.
 I’ve jumped in whole souled to Google and LinkedIn (desperately trying to add something intelligent to all those ultra-intelligent blogs” and may even venture so far as to Twitter or Tweet. I’ve developed my “10 second intro” that would knock your socks off and identified my “ideal client” which was quite difficult when the only word that kept coming to my mind was HONEST, HONEST & HONEST again.
So if you are an honest, hardworking business owner looking for a passionate, very experienced bookkeeper who always goes the extra mile then you need go no further. Give me a call and I’ll see what I can do to help you get a good handle on your financials and hopefully you'll have someone you LIKE, KNOW & TRUST to depend on.
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