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THIS user's comment is impressive me:

" I've joined XDA just to thank the dev for this launcher. Thank you! What a wonderful, public-spirited, generous gift you've given to the elderly.

My mother hasn't been able to use a phone for a year: her eyesight is getting worse mainly owing to AMD (age-related macular degeneration), and no doubt she'll be fully blind within a year or two. But your launcher means that right now, not only can she use a phone, she can even read and send texts! To someone who feels cut off from the world, it's a real lifeline."
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Does you and your parents like this launcher?.
Any question or feedback please write here.
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Necta launcher is designed for the people who needs simple life, also help elders and kids easy to use Android phones.

From first version released on, we have helped 50,000+ seniors to use their Android phone.
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