Here I sit at Highway 90 or what the Polies have called it. I attempt to log onto Ingress, only to battle between GPS lock and internet connection.  Currently the temperature is -40.1 degrees Celsius and all I can see is a vast, flat whiteness as far as a human can see in almost perfectly clear, clean air. I am not sure that I am the first but I believe I am the first within the most recent months to have captured four of the many portals on this barren, frozen continent. 

I, Agent Engrish of the Las Vegas Resistance, formerly of the Oahu Resistance, have gone and traveled far and wide across the world. My connections are slow and I can only check the status of what I own by my friends, peers and teammates. At the beginning of November I captured four portals in McMurdo, Antarctica.  I currently am now residing at the physical bottom of the world only 100 ft away from the geographical South Pole.. Here I break from my duties in Ingress only to hope that while I am here the Intel map and scanner would be able to access this part of the world. There are many possible portals that could be created, if only.... 

                            The world is not as it seems...

Engrish signing off. 

  Viva La Resistance and Mahalo.

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I have fond memories of the bunny boots and happy camper I school. Cookie Wednesday was always great to break the monotony as well. Remember don't touch the skua or any other wildlife for that matter. Have you put cookies in someone else's big red yet? Skua love cookies and everyone loves a skua attack photo.
Now that.. is a GP candidate ;)
If you link the SouthPole to the NorthPole - which way the link will take? ^_^
That would make one helluva guardian portal.
Great way to represent the LVR! Thanks Jonny. 
+Gary Cameron You couldn't recharge it though of you live more than 7,920km (Level 16 agent recharging with 1% efficiency ). You would probably have to get someone who lives close by to recharge it for you. 
Hardly pathetic writing. 
Maybe Niantic should give him credit for reaching the real marker with a key. 

And +Jonny English deffently submit a new photo of it.
Captures guardian on last flight out... Job done.
Unless a spoofer hits it, and Niantic ignore that the Antarctic winter is something only a penguin could survive...
Mario T
Aloha agent Engrish. Awesome job you have done. 
Very well done, my friend! Thank you for representing the LVR and going where I wish I could go! 😀 Stay safe, Jonny. 
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