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David Friedman
I am an academic economist who teaches in a law school and has never taken a course for credit in either field.
I am an academic economist who teaches in a law school and has never taken a course for credit in either field.

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Doing it Better with Computers
I have just read a fascinating article describing how political campaigns, in particular the Trump campaign, use the internet, social media, AI, and related technologies to target and influence voters. Assuming its account is accurate, what it is describing...

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Fictional Economics: A Request for Aid
My current nonfiction writing project , which I have been working on for some years, is pretty close to complete–with luck I will be sending it to my agent by the end of the semester. That raises the question of what I should do next. One possibility is a s...

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The Economics of Insider Trading: A Puzzle
The standard story on insider trading is straightforward. I have knowledge that implies that a stock is going to go up, so I buy it. The seller sells because, absent that knowledge, my offer is more than he, and presumably most of the rest of the market, th...

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Anyone want a talk in Brazil this fall?
It looks as though I will be speaking in Brazil on the 10th and 11th of November. I expect I will want to spend at least a week in the country, given the time and effort of getting there and back, so was wondering if anyone else was interested in having me ...

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Gypsies, Jews and Amish
It's a book I want someone to write. The three groups are in many ways similar, in many different. Each has, for substantial parts of its history, been effectively self governing, imposing its own rules on its own people with or without the permission of th...

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Explaining Trump
There are two possible approaches to explaining odd things Trump does. One is to assume that he is stupid, crazy, erratic. Early in the campaign that looked like a plausible explanation. After he won twice contests everyone expected him to lose, first the n...

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A Different David Friedman

A Trump advisor named David Friedman has been announced as his choice for ambassador to Israel. At least one news story on the event had my picture, and I have just gotten an invitation from the Indian embassy to a Hanukkah event. Not me. But the P...

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A few weeks ago I had a debate on anarchy with James Scott, a writer whose books I find interesting. Robert Ellickson was moderator cum participant. It has now been webbed . I have read two of Scott's books. One, The Art of Not Being Governed , is about the...

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It All Depends Whose Ox is Gored
Recent news stories claim that Russia attempted to influence the U.S. election in favor of Donald Trump. How accurate the claim is I don't know. What seems clear is that the reaction of Americans is that doing that is wrong, cheating, meddling in our affair...

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David Friedman commented on a post on Blogger.
"Absolutely zero humans thought to simply give everyone what they want in separate spaces."

I gather you haven't read the final chunk of Nozick's Anarchy, State and Utopia.
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