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Cristina Rose
synergy, student of the world, amelie, a room with a view, frida, folk music, alice in wonderland.
synergy, student of the world, amelie, a room with a view, frida, folk music, alice in wonderland.

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Diwang Pinay
Last evening, I spent at the Uptown Business Center in North Long Beach with mujeres from Gabriela, a Filipina led organization that advocates for gender issues. Together, we read true stories of the lived realities of Filipina migrant women who have been m...

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Challenges...and essay challenge 2017
Took on a challenge to write weekly, and here it is January 12, and I've not written a thing.  Today, I finally took a moment in the chaos of motherhood to, at least, begin: Here's my inspiration: from “In the Subjunctive Mood” by Michelle Morano: IN langua...

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(Re)connecting and Oshun
Hard to believe a year has passed since I last posted on this blog.  I had hoped to turn it into a website -- but it's hard to choose the right formatting. I think I keep hoping Google will develop a website and that my blogger posts will easily transition ...

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Annual Newsletter
  When I think about
writing an annual newsletter for 2015, I know it’d be easy to just say 2015 was
confirmed January 20, 2015 (first day of my women’s studies class Spring Semester
at CSUDH), and baby birthed September 23...

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And, I have a new
writing station at my friend Delia’s little cottage in Whittier. I’m here for my
third time as I try to cultivate memoir writing space, picking up from where I
left off last summer after VONA (Voices of Our Nation’s Art Foundation).  VONA ...

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Summer 2015 and Catching Up with the Online World
This Summer: This summer I find myself able to create the space to finally write, paint, play music, and maintain, to a certain degree, my website in progress and my blog long ignored.  This academic year of teaching Gender and Ethnic Studies in L.A and liv...

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Recent Publications and Doings
I had hoped to have a fine website by now, but I've been delayed.  For good reason, really; I got a job as a professor of Women's Studies at CSUDH, and I've continued presenting on my findings.  Oh, and we bought a sailboat. More on these things to come. Fo...

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An auto awesome photo? Awesome

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Done Graduated: Introducing Dr. Cristina
             I can hardly believe it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve
posted and a month since a more formal post on my dissertation.  Since submitting my dissertation for
publication on May 3, so much has occurred. Where do I begin?             Well,

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A bit more fun: For the WSE Newsletter/ TAing for Ana Castillo
semester, I have the honor of being the Teaching Assistant for Ana Castillo and
her class “Writing Spiritual Memoir.”   Castillo, as I wrote in my application for this TA position, is one of those writers for me.   Reading her work changed my life, and...
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