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Gary Dunn
computer guy, musician, triathlete, mechanic
computer guy, musician, triathlete, mechanic

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Schedule week of June 19
For once I actually did less than planned. Which is a good thing considering this is taper time. Tuesday's bike got shortened because I thought I had the wrong workout loaded in my Garmin, but that gave me time to remove my pedals (Garmin Vector power meter...

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Schedule week on June 12
Managed to put in a good week of training. Wednesday's run workout was long and hard, and Saturday's run took a lot out of me. Enough that I shortened Sunday's planned ride. For this week I need to back off a bit more, especially the running. Last week's TS...

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Schedule week of June 5
I have been very lucky this training cycle, good weather and good health allowed me to stay right on schedule. Alas, last week it fell apart. I had a great bike workout Tuesday morning, but when I got to the office I felt as though a bus has rolled over me....

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Schedule week of May 29
This has to be brief because our Internet at home is down and I am running through my phone. Do not want to burn up too much capacity. I will expand on the history stuff later in the week. In the meantime I just want to post my schedule and take a snapshot ...

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Schedule week of May 22
This has been one heck of a week. It began slowly, a little recovery from Sunday's race, then exploded into some major activity. I think I set a new PB for weekly TSS. The previous week scored 736.2, but the pre-race taper pulled down the weekly average. Th...

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Honolulu Tri race report and weekly schedule
In the goals I set out in my race plan I said I wanted a decent swim and bike, but the focus would be the run. I made that goal, and came pretty close to the pacing and nutrition. I still pull to my left in the swim. This year I watched for that and correct...

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Honolulu Triathlon race plan 2017
My goal for this race is to have a decent swim and bike, and a great run. In years past I have faded on the run, a combination of going too hard early and insufficient nutrition. For the swim and bike I am less interested in speed than smoothness and consis...

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Schedule week of May 8
  This was a week of challenges met. Quite a contrast to recent weeks in which results did not meet plans. The result was nice bump in fitness and of course fatigue. Last week This week Fitness 69.6 78.3 Fatigue 57.5 108.5 Form 13.4 -22.7 The three pics abo...

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Schedule week of May 1
Last week was a strange week. Started well, but didn't end so well. Hopefully this week will be smoother. My Monday run and strength training went well. My Tuesday morning swim was marred by a stronger than usual tendency to turn left, enough to cause me to...

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Schedule week of Apr 24
Three significant events last week. Admin and IT support for a two day conference that consumed all of Thursday and Friday, my Garmin Forerunner 935 came in at IT&B , and I committed to a more personalized run coaching arrangement. Too soon to see any resul...
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