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Concealed thoughts!
فقط یک چیز. تقدس یک هدف والا همواره برتر و پررنگ تر از آزار هر سنگریزه ایه که در راه رسیدن به اون هدف ممکنه جلوی پای انسان باشه. همه ی مسیر ها هموار نیستن، همه شون جاده ی حاضر و آماده هم نیستن. خیلی موقع ها هم باید از روی موانع پرید، گاهی موانع به نظر خیلی ...

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Bio 79
مثل يه فلاخن مي مونه كه به سمت بالا شليكت ميكنه. ميدوني يه جورايي تو بهش ميگي مثلن ميخواي برسي به اونجا، به ماه، به خورشيد يا مثلن ارتفاع يك كيلومتري. خودش ميدونه كي و كجا بچه فلاخن ها رو كار بذاره كه وقتي از اولي رها شدي و با سرعت به سمت هدفت رفتي تا جايي ...

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Bio 78
هوس خوابگاه تبریز و کردم با همون دوستای دلدار. قلیون. چای. سیگار هم بود. صدای ساز. البته وقتی توشی تقریبا هیچکس دلدار نیست و تقریبان چیزای خیلی کمی جذاب و خاطره ساز به حساب میان. این طبیعت ماست که همیشه بعد از عبور زمانی یا مکانی از چیزی یا کسی یا جایی دوبا...

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Bio 77
When I first came to the US, I thought how nice of these
people it is to show so much kindness when they see you in the streets and the
way they greet you and ask how you are doing and so on. Now, I am totally bored
by this manner of these so-called world c...

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Bio 76
Ted English, one of my colleagues here in AHTD is a hunter;
he goes deer hunting in late fall and early winter seasons when it is allowed. They
call it the hunting season. There are several seasons for different hunting
methods including bow and arrow, muzz...

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Instance of Insanity
A second I am writing an equation on the moisture content of
the wood, being equal to the difference in the mass of the wet and over-dried wood
sample divided by the over-dried mass, and right away I picture the well-known junction
of Raahband in the city o...

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Just had a phone call from Gloria, the office administrator
of the Public Transportation Section. The caller id said 2471, and I was taken
back in time to about 25 years ago, when the land line telephone had just been
introduced to our little town. Grandpa ...

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Bio 75
Steady operation is when a service facility has been open
and in operation for some time. When I reach steady state, I feel void and
would like a just sit and stare at a point in the wall, usually a defect or
something, that makes it different from everythi...
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