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Peter Lohrmann
Software engineer, 3D graphics, triathlete, coach
Software engineer, 3D graphics, triathlete, coach

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Here's a chance to win a PN Certification - probably the best non-degree nutrition certifications in the industry!

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Tracing Your OpenGL Application with Vogl Just Got Easier!
VoglEditor now has support for launching and tracing your application, directly from the UI. Previously, (and still available) you'd have to launch your application from the command line, which could add confusion on where to supply vogl or application comm...

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Shared Contexts, Uniforms, ARB Programs, and Buffers get added to VoglEditor
After an extended holiday, a flurry of work has been completed on vogleditor , adding improved support for shared contexts, program uniforms, ARB programs, and visualizing buffer contents. In the meantime, John McDonald has been working on the Windows port,...

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VoglEditor Adds Trimming Support and Persistent Settings
After receiving a few bug reports about users not being able to load large trace files, it became very clear that VoglEditor needed support for trimming large trace files. VoglReplay Trim Support The functionality was already available to users via command ...

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VoglEditor Feature List
The past few months have been spent plugging away with Valve on a user interface for a new OpenGL debugging tool called VOGL, which we've recently open sourced on github - We are developing entirely in Linux, but are al...

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Reflecting on February's triathlon workouts...

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Writing Debug Visualizers for GDB / QtCreator 2.8
Whether you call them Debug Helpers, Debug Dumpers, Debug Visualizers,
or whatever else, sometimes you want to customize the way your classes
are displayed by the debugger. One of the most common reasons for
needing a custom debug visualizer is when you'...
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