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I'm giving a talk at Linux Meetup tonight with Stéphane Graber. He will talk about LXD while I give an overview of 16.04 LTS, and Snappy Ubuntu Core.
I'm going to be talking about LXD (in French) at the Linux Meetup tomorrow at ETS Montreal.

Details can be found at:

+Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre will be covering Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Ubuntu Core.

See you there!

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Netflix, or the pains of dealing with royalties and DMCA
A few days ago, after enjoying the use of a pretty much static IP address for a long while from my ISP (it hadn't changed in easily a year), my IP changed. This took down my IPv6 tunnel, which I tend to use a lot to access to various services for work -- yo...

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Got a few hours to kill in an airport so I'm watching the "Global Chemtrail Summit" in Vancouver on YouTube, "coverage" by a "journalist" from Press for "Truth". I actually thought maybe they weren't so bad at PFT, but now I know they and these chemtrail people are in full chemtard mode, and in dire need of some more tinfoil hats.

Just wow. And to think that the Under The Dome series is some of their scientific "evidence" :-)

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A typical Ubuntu system contains a number of daemons and applications that will happily log to syslog or to a variety of other destinations. Some of these messages are errors that perhaps should not be showing, others may be genuine issues waiting to happen. Some more may just be totally superfluous information for the average user, and only contribute to wasting more space on disk.
We should spend a bit of time reviewing logs on one or a few representative sample(s) for the various flavors of Ubuntu we ship to find areas of improvement.

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Nominations wanted for the Developer Membership Board
Hi! The Ubuntu Developer Membership Board is in need of new blood. Of the seven members of the board, five (5) will be expiring on March 9th. Members of the Developer Membership Board are elected by all Ubuntu Developers for a term of 2 years, meeting in #u...

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Sharing my friend +blackraven1515​'s YouTube channel which is almost at 500 subscribers now. She's an awesome cook/photographer sharing tips and tricks on cooking in camping, among other things. Must see!

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In full tinfoil hat mode: Using GPG with smartcards
Breaking OPSEC for a bit to write a how-to on using GPG keys with smartcards... I've thought about experimenting with smartcards for a while. Turns out that my Thinkpad has a built-in smartcard reader, but most of my other systems don't. Also, I'd like to u...

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One manpage a day...
I first heard of this in a Google Doc, which was linked to by a wiki page in Swedish I was shown by someone on IRC. Unfortunately, I can't find any of these links anymore... Documentation in some areas of Ubuntu is sorely lacking. Have you ever ran into a c...
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