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Construct 2 is #1 in no coding 2D game engines on slant.
+Alex Falkenberg Thanks man for all the help in 2013. #thankthedevs.

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#Happy #New #Year-- #Realistic #Goals
Hopes for all creatives :D

I hope you hit this new year running. Or start thinking, what is the next thing you want to do this new year.

I hope you find new people to work with, and drop the people that just don't work out for various reasons.

I hope you fail faster, so you can fine tune and learn what you need to know to get closer if not succeeding where you have failed.

I hope we don't loose any more creatives next year that have given us so much.

After being burnt our by game jams, life, school, work and not so much from parenting, I'm working on a project right now tonight that looks pretty good :D.

Also, I've been drinking wine as I type.

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So I'm sharing this as I had a friend pointed out how this is in bad taste given the murder that happened this year in #Gangnam . There are screenshots of how the dead female character is posed after being killed that has caused many an uproar she posted on her post.
#Nexon   #ChacarterDesign   #Gamedev

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Great little game on sale. I've asked the dev if he used C2 but since I've programming again with C2 weekly I can see a lot of the effects that can be done in C@-- Update-- He just tweeted me-- he used this-- #lidgdx but it's more code heavy.

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No #rape #sketch -- takes real responses to rape and football.

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From #Sketch, #Scan, and #Finish 
Finished another loading screen for a game. 

There was ink involed and it is #inktoboer.

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+Quincy Green I find this really funny for some reason even if I am a bit of a #batman #fan.

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Not #inktober  but great ref ;)
Not my site, but i found the information interesting and what to share.
#textures   #drawingart  
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