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Kiel Chenier
Toronto based writer/illustrator/editor working in video production, game design, and art stuff.
Toronto based writer/illustrator/editor working in video production, game design, and art stuff.

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Doing something I've never really done before in RPGs. Making up my own cosmology. Usually I'll just come up with a mish mash of D&D gods my players like, and that works fine. For this new game I need something more original abd more complete/comprehensive.

I say original, but it's shaping up to be mount Olympus by way of dark souls and 90's anime. 

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Rose's diary

The mists rolled in and spat out a samurai woman. She's cool, she joined our party.

We cleared out the spiders in our castle. Tried to tame them but it didn't work. Work repairing the walls begins.

Went drinking. Woke up in Lady Wachter's bed with a corpse. Stole an important chest. Business as usual.

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One nice thing that's come out of all this dumb nerd hate is that I got to make this gif.

Here's the best(?) of the anon asks I got in response to #MoreFatElves

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DMs, how do you handle instigator players in your 5e games? Are they your trap/plot monkeys or are they a bother? Sound off in the comments below.

I make a case for them in the linked post:

D&D characters die. Their mortality is an important aspect of the game and how it progresses. As such, I don’t treat my characters with kid gloves. I throw them headfirst into danger. I understand that death is an eventuality, and I wanna see if I can make it a good one.

I do this partly because I’m also a dungeon master. I know the kinds of things DM’s have in their game binders and on their DM screens. I expect all kinds of random tables and ridiculous outcomes and dangers…and I want to see ‘em.

Weird magical artifact on an altar? “I touch it with my bare skin. What happens?”

Strange liquid that could be water? “I’ll take a sip. What happens?”

Gelatinous monster just died? “Hey, can I eat a spoonful of it? What happens?”

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My trash elf has almost died a lot in +Arella Prest's game. I drew all the interesting times she's nearly died, been brought below 0hp, or been rendered unplayable.

Also I break down the fundamental reasons why I like playing D&D. 

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Veins of the Earth is so fucking good, surprising absolutely nobody.

I really want to run a mini campaign of this. I need to finish reading it first, but oh man this setting looks like a good time.
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Rose's diary,

In order to pay for castle renovations, we took a job from the queen to capture/kill a morninglord heretic (Van Richten).

We ran into Prince Nick as well, killed him.

I got to swing around from the hands of a clock tower, then got cursed to only tell the truth for the next 24 hours.

Did the job, learned about demons, got paid.


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This is an important take on what's unfortunately the most talked about issue with Mass Effect Andromeda. Watch for an informative breakdown of procedural dialogue animation in vidyagames.

It bothers me that the game's faces and animations have become the biggest criticism of it, when that's honestly a minor surface issue.

Mass Effect Andromeda is a game that's goofed up from top to bottom. It's writing is WAY weaker than previous games, and its entire conceit (being a space pioneer colonizing planets) is clunky and poorly implemented.

I've got a ton more to say about this, but a whole big post will have to wait. 
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