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The Battle only we can win: The Deluded British
It was, to quote Churchill, our finest hour. We are proud of our success (along with our allies) in
defeating Nazism 70 years ago.  Winning
the Second World War was a wonderful achievement. It is still firmly in our collective memory and it makes us
proud. ...

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The battle only we can win: The Gentle British
There's a battle going on in Europe, including the UK.  We're in a deep, deep crisis.  Some people are waking up to it, most have not.  Militant Islam has declared war on Europe.  We don't know how to fight it.  Culturally, politically and spiritually, I be...

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Worship Restored: Turn the Volume down!
Jennifer was in her 70s. A strong,
intelligent, lively personality who loved the Lord, loved
worshipping, loved being with God's people and loved sharing her
faith with anyone who would listen. She had served the Lord for most
of her life. She welcomed a...

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Worship Restored: On innovation
Watts (the author of 'When I survey the Wondrous Cross' and 'I'm not
ashamed to own my Lord') caused a stir when he began to write his
hymns. It was a new innovation among the nonconformists, who would
only sing metrical psalms, and he was opposed by ...

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Worship Restored: How it should be
is a discussion about a subject close to my heart... and a shameless excuse to post some of the songs I like. Worship music should be
deep, truthful, glorifying to God, joyful, wide ranging in the themes
and emotions it covers, corporate in its arrange...

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On Forgiveness: What Happens if I am Abused?
Christians teach that we live in a ‘fallen’ world.  There is a lot of evil around.  We are born with a tendency to disobey God,
to live for ourselves.  So it is very
easily to get hurt, not only physically but emotionally.  We can hurt others deeply too and...

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On Forgiveness 5: What Forgiveness is Not
I need to follow up the previous post with another one to
prevent a fatal misunderstanding that some people have. Karl had a gambling problem. 
He nearly ruined himself, his marriage and his family through it.  He has confessed it.  God has forgiven him.  H...

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On Forgiveness: 4 What Forgiveness Really Is
Shelley Lubben spent eight years as a sex worker in Los Angeles .  She was a porn star.  She allowed herself to be lured into this,
thinking it was a solution to some of her financial problems.  She suffered a great deal of abuse, became
addicted to alcohol...

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Why the UK Leaving the EU was an Act of God
Sunderland is famous for two things these days. The first is its Premier League football team, which with
clockwork regularity bumps around the bottom of the league, then sometime in
the winter or spring sacks (fires) its manager then via a stunning late su...

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On Forgiveness: 3. Why some people are set free and others are not
came to set us free.  He said so
himself.  This is what he said: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind,...
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