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I've done four Free CTO Consulting Sessions in the past month with startup founders who all had run into variations of the same problem. They didn't feel they had visibility into timelines and costs f...
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Hi Tony:

First of all, let me introduce myself, I’m Alex from We are committed to develop and expand video conferencing service around the world. Today I am writing this email to see if we can have a review  or blog post or recommendation on your site.

CUMeeting is a dedicated and professional cloud-based video conferencing provider for remote communication, providing customers with complete solutions for remote communications for all business. CUMeeting video conferencing supports HD video, add annotations on whiteboard, record conference, share file/media/application, screen share and desktop, text chat and remote control, etc. 

For detailed information about our website, please feel free to visit

We'd like to offer you one year free trial. It's totally worth $182.

If you think the product is valuable, is that possible to have a review or recommendation on your website? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Kind Regards

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