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I bead math things
I bead math things

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Free Pattern Beaded Pussy Hat
Sorry I've been MIA, but... politics. With all of the craziness that has occurred over the last few months in the US, I have been inspired by politics in a way that I never have been before. The day after the 2017 inauguration, I watched as more than 3 mill...

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Beading Tutorial - Pentadome Pendant
Learn to bead a Pentadome Pendant with Japanese seed beads and 2-hole
beads.  The two layers of beaded star weave create a stiff dome structure
that holds it shape. This tutorial includes step-by-step
instructions for weaving a beaded pendant.  Using an ...

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Tunic Shirts with Reverse Applique on Jersey Inspired by Alabama Chanin
Back in June , I promised you more clothing made with reverse applique on jersey fabric. Well, today is the day. This is my most recent piece, a short sleeved, tunic top in cotton jersey. I learned the techniques from # AlabamaChanin . Stencil design was or...

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Free Beading Pattern - Sierpinski Triangle
Once upon a time I was going to write a beading book on beaded angle weaves.  The first part of the book was going to show how to bead many of the basic angle weave, and the last part of the book was going to show lots of charts of flat weave designs. I aba...

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New Tutorial - Solstice Earrings
You can learn to make Solstice Earrings with this original variation on Cubic
Right Angle Weave (CRAW). This tutorial is very detailed, written for
advanced beginner beaders who have a basic knowledge of bead weaving.
Knowledge of CRAW is recommended bu...

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Preview of the Solstice Earrings
I'm finishing a new tutorial for what I'm calling Solstice Earrings. Here's a little preview of some of the variations.

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Tutorial - Bicone Bangle Bracelet Pattern Made with Seed Beads
This beading tutorial explains how to bead weave a bracelet with two sizes of
Japanese seed beads and two sizes of bicone crystals. Use Swarovski
crystals for a lot of sparkle! No fancy shapes required! The Bicone Bangle Bracelet is hollow and somewhat...

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New Tutorial - Kali Beaded Pendant and Little Bird Earrings
I'm still playing with new designs using beaded Cellini spirals in peyote stitch.  Now you can learn to bead weave little bird earrings and the Kali pendant with seed beads and thread. The
beadwork is stitched with just 2 sizes of regular Japanese seed bea...

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Inspired by Opals - Beaded Textile Bangle Bracelet No. 57 Felted Wool Silk
I love opals, and I adore artwork that looks like opals, art that is
almost white but has subtle colors, to make it not just white.
Yesterday, I was pouring over some white-ish polymer clay art by Richelle of Shipwreck Dandy .  (Photos used with permissio...

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Rainbow DNA Beaded Earrings
With the recent tragedy in Orlando, it seemed like some new rainbow DNA was in order. They are a small symbol to show my support for the victims, their families, and the LGBQT community. Rainbow DNA Coded Rainbow DNA Blue and Silver DNA If you would like to...
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