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James-Adeyinka Shorungbe
Banker, Technophile, Freethinker, Trekker...
Banker, Technophile, Freethinker, Trekker...
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#walkacrosslondon Day 3 in Pictures
Stratford Centre, start off point Vicarage Lane - I used work at facility in this compound, redeveloped into housing units The famous, one and only... Entering Ilford...Kemi walking too fast for me so I decided to... At Chadwell Heath A Sikh temple squeezed...

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#walkacrosslondon Day 2 in Pictures
Day 2, my route High St Kensington > Oxford St > Holborn >
Old Street > Cambridge Heath > Olympics Park, Stratford Hyde Park, Queen's Gate entrance Failed selfie at the entrance of RAH Very tempted...later Oceans was on repeat most of the morning Harvey Nic...

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#walkacrosslondon Day 1 in Pictures
How I'm kitted out Took a train from Waterloo to Virginia Water. A short hike to start Point A The morning was a rainy one Start Point, a rural on the outskirts of London. A farm with ponies Track ahead from start Point A, on the left is the M25 Moon's Walk...

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#walkacrosslondon Day 3 in Tweets
Is there anywhere in the Bible that says "Thou shall not walk
on a Sabbath?". Cos I would actually like to follow that commandment right
now Nov 16, 2014 Day 3 #WalkAcrossLondon, mad determination to get me off this
bed and out into 8 degrees outdoors. Nov ...

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#walkacrosslondon Day 2 in Tweets
I'm up...Day 2 #WalkAcrossLondon My body and feet are rested but I
can feel slight strain on one foot. I think its manageable Nov 15, 2014 My Airbnb host is still sleeping. The guy no dey fear say I fit be
ritual killer. But he's cool, welcoming me to his h...

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#walkacrosslondon Day 1 in Tweets
< 12 hours to #walkacrosslondon and I'm still out with the
@IHEU crew including @bobchurchill. Trying out sake for the first time
#Japanese Nov 13, 2014 Sake...warm and potent Nov 14, 2014 I'm up...D-Day #WalkAcrossLondon You won't be...

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Walk Across London
#WalkAcrossLondon When I was thinking of the next city to walk, it had to be London. The
second city I’m most familiar with and the second city I’ve lived in
after Lagos. The distance across London I will be walking is
approximately 67km…it’s not as long...

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