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Jason Hudson
Living life to the fullest
Living life to the fullest

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I want to thank all of the wonderful people that let me into their lives over the course of my life even we are no longer friends. All of you helped me grow in some capacity. I'm sending positive energy to my recently married friend Alan as well.

Are all of photos visible on this account?

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Today's great thus far. Everything is fine. I hope everyone enjoys their day!
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I'm not having the greatest day and could use some prayers..

Nasa is offering 18K to lie down for 70 days. This is a very good deal.

The moral of today is be careful what you wish for. Sometimes wanting something and actually being able to handle that responsibility are two different things. I'm not expressing any form of superiority or knowledge with this statement but that this life thing is complicated.

I wish everyone the best.

Having a real rough week dealing with the outcome of the Trayvon Martin and the dangerous precedent it sets. For one the first time in my life I'm kind of lost. Of course, the cold hearted nature of some of my friends is duly noted as it pertains to the regurgitation of nonsensical conservative rhetoric on Trayvon's occupation and death.

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An alternative to S3 features for the iphone.
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