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J. Bailey
Adventurer, wanderer, fantasy author
Adventurer, wanderer, fantasy author

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Who Are You?
How fareth thee, o followers? Good, I hope. So, I’m going to
wax a little…I don’t know, strange? Today I’d like to ask a question? Do you
know who you are?      Hey, stop laughing! I’m being serious. Do you know who you
are? Most of us would at once answer,...

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Get Strife of the Mighty For Free! (Limited Time!)
Hello, everybody! Just a very quick post here to let you guys know that Strife of the Mighty is currently free on smashwords! This means that you'll be able to download it in a format of your choice (from PDF to mobi) for nothing! Zilch! Nada! (See, my Span...

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Free for a limited time on smashwords! Multiple ebook formats to choose from.

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A Bit on Dialogue
Hey, guys! I’m popping
by today (tonight, if I’m being truthful) to say a few words on dialogue.
Nothing too extensive, just a tip or two to keep in mind.      So, in a book, dialogue between people can’t
happen like it happens in the real world. I mean, ap...

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Sneak Peak At Book Two! (Because I Feel Guilty.)
A greeting to all of you! I am trusting that your new year has been favorable so far. If it has, great! If it hasn't, well, I'm sorry (but at least it isn't my fault....). This year is set to bring many changes, and many new things. We're going to have a ne...

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The Important Things.
What are the important
things in life to you? Really. Give it a thought for a moment. Hobbies? Friends?
Pets? Socializing? Family? I’m going to wager that, among whatever else you
thought, most all of you were in agreement with family and friends. Splendid,...

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Finished Poem
Hello there, awesome folks. Thanksgiving is less than a week away (time flies, so it does!), and I want me some turkey! Things sure are moving very fast this November, and I'd say that that's both a good and bad thing. But let's quit beating around the bush...

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Camping Trip!
Ahoy, my good peoples! I do hope that all is well with you and yours, and that the fall colors are setting in to their full extent wherever you are. The ones around my place sure are! Recently, I've been totally absent on all of my internet platforms ('What...

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Q & A Tag. (Cuz It's Awesome)
Hey hey hey! What's going on, guys? A whole bunch? Not a whole lot? Nothing, really? (That's no good, maybe you should read a book.) Well, here's what's happening with me: The astounding Benita J. Prins  (whom any Tolkien lover should check out; her vast kn...

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An Unfinished Poem
Hey, guys! Hope that you all are having a wondrous Fall (even though it's just beginning). I've returned with another post, and in this one I'm going to do something I've not done before: Share one of my works-in-progress with you! This is rather a big deal...
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