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Legends of Chamberlain Heights is Back!
Sorry for not posting sooner but I had to share. Especially since it's coming on at 11:30 tonight PST on Comedy Central.  If you miss The Boondocks or appreciate the comedy of three teens just hangin', this is so worth checking out. Now, in case you've neve...

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Morris Day Releases Prince Tribute Song
"Over that Rainbow" is a stark contrast to the uptempo jams Day is known for.  Today is the one year anniversary of Prince's passing and I haven't seen this much love for the man since his career began nearly 40 years ago. Check out the I Love Old School Mu...

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RIP Cuba Gooding Sr.
A truly underrated musician whose sound will live on for decades to come.  As lead singer of the Main Ingredient, his recognizable tenor made many Top 40 hits in the 1970's.  While nothing has been confirmed by officials, there's speculation that Gooding su...

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Did You Know Charlie Murphy Wanted to Rap?
Firstly, prayers to go out to the Murphy family and loved ones. Secondly, I wish the world had gotten to know him like they know little bro Eddie.  Here, he talks to VLAD TV about starting his stand-up career in his early 40s, having a career with a famous...

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One of the Funniest Guest Stars From Sanford and 97!
The early episodes of Sanford and Son were the best...particularly those dealing with affairs of the heart.  When it came Grady's turn, it was just cold-blooded all around.  His fiancee (played by Norma Miller) tried to place brother on lock.  Not gonna giv...

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Way Back Wednesday: White Chocolate Tribute
 Most people don't remember when the J. Geils Band made the R&B charts back in the early 80s. Yep, " Flamethrower " was that jam of doing the Cabbage Patch.
J. Geils was found in his home (cause unknown as 4/11/17) but if you're scratching your...

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A Music Throwback and a Message
Sorry, if I'm a little MIA, had back-to-back exams and projects to complete.  But I've been lurking on the some of the blogs about what some of these new entertainers REALLY think about Black women.  Now, being from L.A., I think people should date who they...

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What You May Not Have Known about the Hong Show as a Kid
Those of us who watched the original Gong Show in the evening or after school may remember there was silliness and real talent.  While many, like the Givens Kids, were never heard from again Cheryl Lynn, Paul Reuben/Pee Wee herman, Oingo Boingo and Boxcar W...

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Can Chuck Berry Have His Own Biopic Now?
No disrespect to the Carter's 2008 effort Cadillac Records (which Bey and Jay-Z starred and produced, respectively) but before his recent passing, THE CHUCK BERRY story deserved the spotlight. The highly-regarded Hail Hail Rock n Roll, was 30 years ago and ...

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Happy Birthday Sly Stone
Without him, music might not have told us that everyone likes to groove and not all of us are hating on someone because they're different.  Without him, Prince, Lenny, Living Colour, and a whole bunch of other cats may not have a place to express themselves...
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