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안녕하세요, 여러분!
즈마멋 프로젝트가 지원금받으려고 하트를 모으고 있습니다 ㅎㅎ
1등과 2등은 심사위원이, 3등은 하트 젤 많은 사람 한팀에게만 준다네요!
들어가서 하트 눌러주시면 감사합니다!
Hello everyone!
Project ZeMarmot is gathering "hearts" vote for funding.
1st and 2nd prize are selected by a jury, but there is also an audience price for the project which gathers the most votes.
Thank you for voting for us!
Votez pour "GIMP Motion" pour le prix de l'initiative numérique!
Cela nous permettra de gagner le prix du public et de mettre en avant le logiciel Libre. Cela contribue au développement de +GIMP et aide la réalisation du film Libre +ZeMarmot, film sous licence +Creative Commons by-sa.

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This is a report of ZeMarmot Project in 2016. I hoped we could finish this project this year but it will keep going in 2017. Haha..
Our end-of-2016 report:

Now is a good time to support ZeMarmot project by donating by the way (all links in the blog post)! ;-)
For a good movie, Libre Art, Free Software, artists fairly paid, because you want +GIMP even better and faster… any reason you wish!

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Being surrounded by talented creators means we get some neat things to play with. In this case, +Aryeom Han and +ZeMarmot have created a fun animated Wilber for our website when you reach a 404 - File not found!

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These are follow up from the previous series.
Thank you for your interest on the previous images!
These are also created with +GIMP.
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I drew some illustrations with +GIMP.
Have a nice day :-D
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고! 마멋! 고! 마멋!
#ZeMarmot now at 101% of initial goal.
But this is only the start. Let's prove the world what +GIMP, +Blender 3D and other Free Software can do, that Libre Art is not just a crazy thought, and let's create more than a few minute animation film experiment!
Can we reach 15 000 € in the next 40 hours? Even 30 000 €?
This is not the time to rest, but to explode social networks, contribute and share the word!

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윌버&코! 김프매거진!
GIMP Magazine - Issue 12 has just launched at #GIMP   #opensource  Help spread the word by re-sharing!
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