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Shattered World
An alternate history of a more devastating world war two.
An alternate history of a more devastating world war two.


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I'm starting to make the series available in the Barnes and Noble 'Nook' store. Book 1, The Eurasian War, is now available on the nook store....

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First book in the series...

The first in a series of alternate history books detailing an alternate world war two which begins with the Soviet Union invading Poland in 1937. 

In the early 1930's relations between Hitler's Third Reich and Stalin's Soviet Union cool dramatically, bringing a level of tension to Europe not seen since the days before the Great War. By early 1936 Stalin is convinced that Hitler intends to invade Poland and decides to launch a preemptive invasion of his own. The Red Army, already large and formidable, begins to make its preparations.
Tensions between the East and West now explode into open conflict as Stalin orders the Red Army to roll west. It is the dawn of a terrible new chapter in human history, and the birth of a global struggle that will boil and rage for years, maybe decades, to come.

All of the ebooks in the series are available via the amazon kindle store for $.99

Here is my author page on Amazon....
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