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Teacher. Geek. In Michigan.
Teacher. Geek. In Michigan.

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I've been remiss.  The fb world knows I'm leaving teaching, but the g+ world does not.  (Sorry, +Lisa L and +Lucy Skymning !)  I wrote a long (very, very long, and did I mention that it is lengthy?) blog post about it:

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1.   (Restricting myself to teaching blogs here, I assume?) Probably dy/dan.  Because we had to find some edubloggers to read and comment on from my Ed Tech class when getting certified, and he was the one who rocked my world with SBG and 3Acts.
2.  I get challenged and inspired.  Someday when I get to be a grown up teacher (not just a fledgling 3rd year one) I want to be a super-blend of Dan Meyer, Shawn Cornally, you, Sam J Shah, Terie Engelbrecht, Kelly O'Shea, and Frank Noschese.  I want to be as creative, engaging, reflective, and awesome as that group.
3.  I wish I wrote.  I think it's part of achieving my goals in #2.  But I'm also still finding my feet as a teacher, raising a toddler, and trying to maintain good relationships with family and friends, so it hasn't bubbled high enough on the priority list yet.
4.  I'd probably be looking for a mix of ideas to look into that I might not have stumbled across yet and maybe how-tos to make blogging seem more approachable to myself.  And stories are always good.
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