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You leave Facebook....don't own a cell phone....then all your "friends" disappear. lol.  Glad I am honest with myself and know I am here for me, myself, and I.  I seriously love it, but it proves just how much people are selfish and rely on social media to "stay in contact with friends"....why?  Well, because it is done on THEIR terms.  When THEY want to comment, like, message you.  People believe that interactions like those truly build a sustainable real-life relationship; when really, it just proves that when the technology is gone; so is their relationship.  I am glad I can be truthful and honest with myself and know that when you take ALL of these technological "vices" away from the sheep; their true colours show and when they finally come across you in "real life"; whether it be next week, next month, or next year; they'll always lie boldly to your face and say "I am so happy to see you!" or "I was just thinking about you the other day!".  Don't fool yourselves people, true relationships are built through REAL interaction and REAL, TANGIBLE, HONEST love for another.  That's it, that's all.  I have a handful I love and although I may not be in touch all the time because I choose not to conform, I truly do think of them all the time and wish their lives are going well.  For the rest, well...I never really knew you anyways, so bon voyage!  Living in a social media-less life has it's benefits, don't get me wrong.  I love not having to log onto Facebook or Twitter as soon as I get on the computer, or be chained to a plan on a cell phone that I am paying exorbitant rates on each month in which I have a device I cannot put down for one minute without texting someone, seeing who liked something, or reading comments on other people's posts.  To live without a cell phone and without using social media (popular social media, this is not included because I have my university email through here, so when I am done school, I am done here, lol) is an amazing way of life!  It takes you back to a simpler time, and you really begin to understand who you are, or; who you truly are because you've removed all the devices and false fronts that covered your true self before when you were just another sheepish whore to technology.  So, I say to my true friends, and family I don't get to choose but love nonetheless; Happy Holidays and I hope everyone gets to enjoy actual time spent with their friends and family, minus any ball and chain that could hinder the meaning and point of spending quality time with others.  Love ya.

calm down, young blood. Worry about getting a starting position on a team..but I do respect the mindset. Still...rookie mistakes.

And yet again...


Two straight clean sheets against the almighty Barcelona!!

#ForzaJuve #ChampionsLeague

Random, insightful post for the day...

I was at the grocery store last week and witnessed something that just reinforced the path I am taking my health on, is the correct one.

It boggles my mind how people can knowingly grab a slab of dead animal flesh, not even notice that the meat is browning in the package, and yet they still take it through the cash, bring it home, and then proceed to hack it up, cook the dead flesh, and then ingest it...thinking that this is somehow good for them!?!?!?!

Now, I ceased being a NECROVORE last year. Sure, it was a tough transition at first simply due to the fact that we become addicted to the salt and fat that dead animal flesh provides us, but I slowly cut one meat out at a time as I evolved my consciousness and walked on the path towards giving myself a much healthier life.

If you grab dead, rotting animal flesh in the grocery store...and you see it is turning a brownish-blue colour...this means it has began to rot...or, to put it more bluntly...RIGAMORTIS HAS SET IN AND THE DEAD ANIMAL FLESH IS DECOMPOSING. Furthermore...if it is not turning colour, you are STILL buying nutrient-void, days to weeks old, dead, rotting animal flesh. There is absolutely, positively ZERO benefit to ingesting this nonsense! When an animal is killed, it releases hormones right before it dies because it knows it is being slaughtered! This is fear they are releasing! You are literally ingesting FEAR from an animal that did NOT deserve to be killed so you can eat something that has been marketed as "meat". Wake up!

For those who have drank the kool-aid (I used to myself, glad I stopped), do you even take a moment out to comprehend you are ingesting days to weeks old, dead, rotting animal flesh? I is VOID of ANY nutrition at all. It's DEAD. There is absolutely ZERO benefit from it whatsoever, regardless of what so-called experts may tell you. Remember, anyone who is mainstream ANYTHING, are PAID to take certain stances to continue the profit-machine rolling in off YOUR ignorance.

Days to weeks old, dead, rotting animal flesh only goes into your system and does NOT fully breakdown. A "steak", to use a fancy term that hides the true nature of the dead flesh, that you ate years ago STILL has remnants in your system! This crap clogs your arteries over time and leads to more deaths than drugs, alcohol, etc. ever could.

Again, this is my stance and my opinion...but it is shared by a LOT of people who have also awoken to the realization we are being fed a spoonful of lies on a daily basis, so that a very few elite, wealthy families can profit off our demise.

Real health BEGINS with what YOU put in your MOUTH!! Point, blank, period. No exceptions.

Nourish yourself, don't just "fill your belly". Every single thing you ingest will either lead to PROACTIVE SELF-CARE, which is REAL health care in my mind; or it will lead to the slow destruction of your health, causing you to consult REACTIONARY SICK CARE...or what you've been told is "health care".

The Rockefeller family created a REACTIONARY, SICK CARE industry, by making people turn away from NATUROPATHIC remedies, and turned them onto ALLOPATHIC ones. That means, we went from proactively taking care of ourselves, to reacting and popping a pill.

Don't get me wrong...the strides made in the sick care industry are amazing, with some incredible technological revolutions and creations...but, don't be fooled, folks...the simplest way is always the best and most effective way to take care of yourself, and that way is simply by eating correctly and not putting harmful items into your system on a daily basis. It really is quite simple, but big pharma, big agriculture, and mainstream media have infiltrated your psyche and literally culturally conditioned your thinking, to an extent that most people are not even aware of.

Milk and dairy industry has a hold on society, just the same as the meat industry does. You do NOT need to be ingesting either of these to have proper health. In fact, if you ingest both of these deadly combos, you are only adding to your demise...albeit slowly, and this is key, but in the end; your death will be the result of your poor choices in food.

Casein makes up 87% of the protein in milk and dairy products...this is one of the most toxic and acidic things we could ever put into our body. It literally fuels the growth of cancer in the body. Refined sugars do the exact same thing. Do you ever wonder why most people who go get their coffee in the morning...or afternoon and night...and who put milk and sugar in it, are usually not the healthiest people...or if they LOOK healthy, they may be some of the most moodiest people? They are ingesting cancer-fueling ACID BOMBS every single day. Coffee on its own is slightly acidic, not that bad for you. But, when you aDD REFINED SUGAR and MILK or CREAM to are adding to highly acidic items that turn your coffee into a slow-death-bringing, acid bomb.

I am not even going to get into the nasty meat industry. Watch the know which really want to ingest the days to weeks old, dead, rotting, pill-infested, antibiotic-laden, flesh of another sentient being mammal?!?! Yikes.

My point with this post is simply this...I woke up. Like many people have done, but I finally took the time to understand and educate as to why I needed to wake up. So many of us are blatantly oblivious to the harms of these items, we are fed a constant stream of lies every single day that reinforces why you need these items in your life. Of course, so they do not get sued, they have an army of doctors paid off to give their "expert opinion" as to why you need these items. The only way to true knowledge is to understand you ARE being used. You ARE merely chattel to a select few people at the top. It is up to you and YOU ONLY to take soul control of your life and begin to live a life with truth, honesty and happiness.

As I have stated many times in the past...ignorance is NOT bliss; bliss comes from happiness, and happiness begins when truth is realized! Ignorance is only mental slavery.

You can always choose to wake up...the dilemma lies in the decision to actually want to do it or not. Choice is yours. Wise up.


Reminder for today....

Remember...the weak will try to tear you down. They cannot stand to witness progression and success. They will throw spears from the sidelines because they despise their own existence and feel that if they take someone else down, or try to do so, they will feel a sense of accomplishment.

In the end, when they lay their head down at night, they are the ones crying in their blanket and pillow, while the strong sleep soundly with a smile on our face.

Rise and stay above the nonsense of weak-minded and feeble people...they need love, so send them lots and duck the spears as they chuck them towards you! Only YOU control what happens in your life..NOBODY ELSE.


"My yesterdays are dead. My tomorrows have not been born. So why would I waste time holding on or worrying about either when I can just be present in the NOW and seize the moment of TODAY?!"

- Charles Van Horn, "Stages" Apr. 2017

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KING KENDRICK!!!! This is from Las Vegas 2012 right before #GKMC dropped. I told him he would get a Grammy within 4 years, he did it much quicker. #Kendrick4K

#DAMN!!! Grab that new album titled #DAMN!!!!

#TDE4Life #2MuchForThese3MuchForTheseHoes #MichaelJordan
Photo we go...

Should NOT have turned on the lunch time lies program...sorry, I mean "news" program for all you sleeping sheeple.

First...I read that OPP and Toronto police are preparing for a "rise" in drugged driving, lol. Ummm....tell me, prescription drugs are the most peddled drug in the world, let alone Canada, are you telling me the multi TRILLION dollar big pharma (Rockefeller) industry has NOT been profiting from DRUGGED DRIVERS for many decades now? smh. I hope we see how they focus on marijuana and other drugs, but NEVER so-called "legal" prescription drugs...which are FAR WORSE than most drugs. But, they got you sucked in and ingesting this ONE viewpoint, and most of the sheep ingest and condition.

Wake up. "Drugged" driving has been the cause for many accidents and deaths for a long time now, but whether a person was on "medication" or not is never of importance. And, yet again, they focus on other aspects, and never the DRUGS, legal or not, the person was on. Rothschild own Reuters, and the trickle down to major news corps like, oh, the CBC gets their orders from the top. Do we see how one elite, Rockefeller (big pharma) is allowed to continue to profit off ignorance, while another elite (Rothschild) control the media and keep the focus OFF big pharma so both can continue to profit off our sheeple asses? I hope so.

Second, the Nazi American Scam Association...known to you as some so-called space program "NASA", will announce two so-called new moons around the moon (not sure about it, I rolled my eyes and changed channel) that contain an abundance of water. you folks not realize we are literally on a planet FULL of water?! And yes, a lot of it is being polluted due to ignorance, over-consumption, material-items-lusting, I can go on and on...but you do know why they come up with these farces, right? It's again to keep the attention OFF our own planet, focus it on some far-fetched creation, something no person can ever even research on their own without falling prey to the indoctrination; and they CONTINUE to print fiat bills out of Washington to FUND this Nazi American Scam Association. They literally pillage the USD's value more than anything, well...the central banks do a wonderful job of this too; and they just send NASA more money, time and time again, so they can do "research". This "research" is merely just fabrications. But, it's one way to AID in the devaluing of the USD currency little by little, while the rich elite vested in NASA simply take their cut from the "research funding".

The elites who control our world pull all the strings from the top. They own big pharma, they own all mainstream media, they own big agriculture, they own the education shamstem (nowhere near being a system), they own the central banks printing fiat bills, backed by nothing, up to 9 times more than what they actually have on reserve, all so a select few at the top can PROFIT OFF YOUR IGNORANCE....all the while pillaging the minions into poverty due to rising costs from THEIR created inflation!!

I think it is time to wake up, folks. You're being fed a lie, to be kept asleep and distracted in this fabricated bubble of existence, where you are watched, tracked, brainwashed and controlled...and YOU don't even know it because you're told that you are "free". Slavery comes in many forms, not just the one you've been brainwashed to believe. OPEN YOUR MIND...OPEN YOUR EYES....EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Land of the free, home of the slave. They also love their Orwellian doubltspeak talk. "Fighting for peace" is a prime example, they got you all accepting two opposing ideologies both as truth!! This is called cognitive dissonance. Your mind is literally divided in half, on one side you sit there, loving your dog, cat, etc.; while on the other side of the mind you consume cows, pigs, chickens, etc. This is cognitive dissonance at its finest. You'll accost someone, somewhere else in the world for eating a dog for supper because YOU own a dog as a "pet", while you mindlessly eat cows; at the same time THEY will accost YOU for eating a cow for supper because THEY own a cow as a "pet", but mindlessly eat dogs.

NEITHER is correct or humanely right. But, this is yet another aspect of cognitive dissonance, a plague rooted in hypocrisy, and a very real truth of most of our world...especially the so-called "Western" world, which is merely a term given to label countries who are slaves to a Rothschild central banking ponzi scam, who have the illusion of freedom because they're slaves to debt, material possessions and ignorance, and they are egotistical mongrels who believe what THEY know is the ultimate truth.

Seriously, it is time to evolve already people. Wake up. Recognize your mental slavery. Ignorance is NOT bliss, bliss comes from happiness, and happiness can ONLY begin when truth is realized. Ignorance is only mental slavery.

#StepYourLifeGameUp #WeAreAllEqual #HumansDontEatOtherSentientBeings #EvolveIntoThe5thDimension #AscendAndElevate #IgnoranceIsMentalSlavery

Rant done. Or should I say, knowledge mic dropped.


"Riches does not find me, for I do not seek money; but Truth comes in abundance, for it is all that I pursue."

- Charles Van Horn, "Stages" Apr. 2017

JUVE! JUVE! JUVE! JUVE! JUVE! JUVE! #ChampionsLeagueQuarterFinals

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