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I may as well start. It's only a small thing but it's stuck with me even a year later.

Last Feb I was heading out to visit my sister and it started snowing really heavily. By the time I got to her city the roads were covered and, of course, she lived at the top of a huge hill. I was touched and amazed to see a group of teenage boys standing near the top of the hill and pushing cars that got stuck to the top. No one had asked them to do this, and of course it was bitterly cold in the snow but they kept on going. 

Such a lovely random act of kindness to witness.

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I'm ridic excited about going to molest visit molest +Hilary Keane next weekend :D

Okay, what do I do with this thing exactly? Apart from invite other people. It's like an exclusive club that I don't really belong in.
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