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Kate Vii
Russian girl who like volunteering, winter sport and photography
Russian girl who like volunteering, winter sport and photography

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Lahti, Finland
FIS Nordic Ski Championship. Two years after Falun... time flies  I've just remembered how we returned from Falun with my friend  and made a promise that for sure we will go to Lahti! And I went there without her, but still it was "really great competition"...

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NY Holidays
It's time to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017. For sure 2016 had ups and downs but in general for me it was a good year. In the end of the year people always complain about hoe bad the year was. But this story is not about me. It's time to turn a n...

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Mid Season
Wassuuuup dudes! Haven't seen you for a long time. ( actually you have't read me for a long time, but let skip details ) So here is some things that happened to me after my internship in Poland. ( if you don't read this and wanna be updated check it here ht...

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Spanish Pancakes
When I was in Poland our awesome crew used to organize  a cooking party and we did super yummy Spanish Pancakes. My lovely Spanish Best Friend Eider shared with me this recipe. And as you already noticed I hate cooking, but really enjoy observing how people...

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Must do list in Kaliningrad
After the end of my project I decided to spend some days in Kaliningrad, it's a Russian city in Europe.  ( yes, this small piece is still Russia ) And I created my own must do list, so if you will ever go there you need to follow it to enjoy this city compl...

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Poland. Week 5 and 6
Last two weeks in Poland and I decided to put it in one post, because I'm jobless :D and not so many work related things happened. Week 5 was very calm and I spend most of my morning time with Katia from Ukraine. We walked a lot ( as usual typical me :D) an...

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Poland. Week 4
Again the last week in kindergarten, feeling sad about it. From one point it's good to change but from the other... Week by week we get used to it. Because it was the last days we want to cook for kids, so they knew our national cuisine. For me it was a lit...

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Poland. Week 3
It's almost 3000 views on my blog, and I'm really happy about it ❤️ On the third week we were changing kindergartens and I finally moved from my "beloved" Malbork to Gdansk. On Monday we went to our new work place in Pruszcz Gdanski it's like 15 minutes fro...

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Poland. Week 2B
Hello from Malbork, small city where you can find almost nothing to do. I don't want to exaggerate but after 6 pm there is nobody in the street. For sure it's peaceful place, it's good to stay here for one day or two,  but for a long time it's too much. In ...

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AIESEC. The beginning
Наверняка много уже кто в курсе, этим летом я уезжаю на стажировку по программе AIESEC. Я думаю будет уместно дублировать текст на английском. Этот пост небольшая прелюдию к моему приключению. Хотелось рассказать, как я вообще пришла к этому.    Началось вс...
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