ACTA - Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement

What is ACTA?

- ACTA ensures people everywhere can continue to share non-pirated material and information on the web
- ACTA does not restrict freedom of the internet. ACTA will not censor or shut down websites.
- ACTA ensures that organised crime can be pursued when intellectual property is stolen - harming innovation, fair competition and destroying your jobs
- ACTA is not about how we use the internet in our everyday lives.
- ACTA allows people to continue using their social networks such as Twitter and Facebook just as they have in the past – no change.
- Computers, iPads or iPhones will not be checked or monitored – ACTA is not Big Brother.

Why is ACTA not SOPA?

SOPA is a US draft law that would change US legislation. ACTA does not require any EU law changes. Anything you can do legally today is still legal after the ratification of ACTA.
ACTA does not foresee cutting off internet access to anyone.

So why does the EU support ACTA?

- Because ACTA ensures the EU's already high standard of protection for intellectual property goes global - protecting jobs in Europe.
- Because Europe is losing €8 billion annually through counterfeit goods flooding our market.

More information on ACTA:
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