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Retired CEO and quality-management consultant
Retired CEO and quality-management consultant

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Mark Regnerus doesn't like the teen suicide study
On Friday sociologist Mark Regnerus offers : “ Can Same-Sex Marriage Really Reduce Teen Suicide? ” at the orthodox Catholic Witherspoon Institute's blog. The subtitle of Regnerus' polemic reads: The legalization of same-sex marriage may be associated with a...

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The bishops claim that a single parent is preferable to a gay couple
You would think that these arrogant, pampered prelates would have better things to do but the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops continues to try to undermine same-sex marriage. They are simply unwilling or unable to accept the reality that marriage equali...

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This is so special: NOM v. JAMA
Brian S. Brown and the religious ignoramuses as National Organization for Marriage don't like an article that was published to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Pediatrics.  I wrote about the research on Monday . Researchers note that,...

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Austin Ruse blows - the gay pederasty/recruitment dog whistle
The immensely popular film, American Beauty is about an older man infatuated with a high school cheer leader Austin Ruse — Knight of Malta and Defender of the Faith — takes Milo Yiannopoulos far too seriously while claiming that gay men are pederasts who pr...

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What to make of Betsy DeVos' comments on "protecting" LGBT children?
The short answer is “nothing at all.” Trump has “succeeded” in a very Putin-like way. Given the amount of bullshit that the administration promulgates we no longer know what to believe and what not to believe. This is intended to keep us insecure and off-ba...

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Ryan T. Anderson on the administration's decision regarding gender nonconforming school kids
Of course Ryan T. Anderson is delighted with the Trump administration's decision to rescind the Obama guidance on transgender kids in public schools. Anderson is a dour nun who believes unquestioningly the superstitions promulgated as The Faith by the Churc...

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Have you seen the latest Trump poll?
According to a Quinnipiac Poll: American voters today give President Donald Trump a negative 38 - 55 percent job approval rating, his worst net score since he took office, down from a negative 42 - 51 percent approval rating in a February 7 Quinnipiac Unive...

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Judge who refused LGBT sensitivity training sues feds for religious discrimination
Most federal employees are required to watch a 17 minute diversity training video which explains how to treat LGBT employees fairly. Administrative Law Judge Gary Suttles, who hears disability eligibility matters in the Houston area, refuses to watch the vi...

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"States' Rights" continues to be code for discrimination, this time for transgender students
Donald Trump has said that the treatment of transgender students should be up to the states. We know what that means in the Bible Belt. According to Reuters a “Dear Colleague” letter is expected to be finalized today by the departments of Education and Just...

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Hate group critical of Taco Bell
One Million Moms, which is really just American Family Association, the Tupelo,  Mississippi hate group, doesn't like a new commercial from Taco Bell. What has AFA fitting out is the line: “When your morning is hell, just go to Taco Bell.” According to the ...
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