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I'm having issues with my Prusa MK2 (kit), and perhaps someone has a few pointers.

It started out with issues with skipped steps and a very wobbly y axis, which I solved by printing holders for the LM8UU instead of zip ties as well as the y motor spacer to avoid bending the motor mount.

But I still don't get the quality out of it as I expected. The pug is printed from the accompanied SD card to rule out slicing setup errors. The part right above the tail up to the chin is perfect for some odd reason, but the rest of the print have banding problems.

The white Aria is printed with faberdashery white PLA (which I found afterwards is underextruding about 6%). The gray Aria is with the Prusa PLA that came with the printer. Both printed with same gcode.

Running latest firmware.
XYZ calibration shows "all right" (just did a new calibration with latest firmware, previously it came out "severly skewed"). How important is that really? I can't measure the alignment to be off..
Z leadscrews are straight and true.
Printed a better spool holder without any dragging.
Extruder springs are tensioned properly. (13mm).

I'm kind of stumped on this. I've built several RepRaps over the years, but I can't seem to get the feel for this machine.

Any input appreciated!
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A quick message to the mods, as I find no simple way of sending a direct message?

Just posted a screenshot from a facebook page of a shop that sells some of my printed items, but it seems like it got deleted?

It was not at all intented as an ad, and I'm sorry if it came across as that. It would have been a terrible one anyway as it is a physical store in the Faroe Islands, so a bit out of way for most of you I guess. :-P

I just wanted to share some experiences with selling 3D printed items, as people asked for an update last time.

But of course, it's your call if you accept posts like that. :)

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A while back I mentioned I had a few 3D printed items for sale in a local shop, just got an update from another shop that they also have them on display.

The first shop have sold 4 and have bought 6 more, the second one (in the facebook screenshot) have 10 on display and sell by comission.

I already have a few more signs with different words made. It is interesting because it requires a different mindset to sell like this, I need to visit the shops way more often than what I thought, so I have to put this in my schedule.

Anyone else having success with selling 3D printed items?

I made a OpenSCAD script that takes a DXF file from inkscape and makes the letters, and then I run a Slic3r profile with single wall exterior and fill the object with concrete mixture.

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I'm contemplating starting an open source window cleaning project, to have a central place to share the designs I make for repairs and upgrades to my tools and whatnot.
Anyone have a good idea for a name? OSWC is an option, but I don't know if it will associate too much with WC. :-P

Edit: Oops.. this ended up in the development part. Is that correct?
A window cleaners water fed pole foot.

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A window cleaners water fed pole foot.
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Interesting looking printer, I like the linear rails.
What do you think about his design choices?

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Hi there, CNC people.

I've been lurking for a while, but here is short introduction about me; I started out building RepRap 3D printers in 2010, and have since build one regular Sells Mendel, a custom big Prusa i2, two Mendel90 Sturdies, and have another two custom printers in the works. They've all used arduino variants for electronics (Tech Zone Gen3 Remix, Sanguinololu, Ramps1.4).

While I love the versatility of plastic (I mainly use PLA, but also some ABS), I miss the features wood and aluminium can offer. I've pondered about a CNC build for a couple of years, but since we were going to move I didn't start out. Recently we have settled on the Faroe Islands, and I am finally ready to start sourcing parts.

Electronics wise, I would like to use GRBL and Chilipeppr on either a smoothieboard or pibot. I see the pibot is on sale now for $130, which seems like a good deal.

I would like to use the CNC for both small things like buttons, and milling larger sheets for 3D printers and furniture. This means I would like a size of about 60x100cm (~24x40") for mdf sheet cut in quarters from the lumber yard. I'm looking a the Openbuilds OX but if there is a machine that uses 3D printed parts, that would be great.

Is this plausible to want out of a first build? Can I get both precision on tiny things and huge size in the same machine, or would I need two anyway?

Should I buy a 3040 base off ebay and use that to mill out the parts I need for the OX? Or should I just buy the needed plates and start right on with the big build? I guess I could modify my mendel90 to a simple mill, but it's limited to 20x20 size, which I believe is too small for the OX plates.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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My first commissioned printer leaving home. ☺

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+DongWon Han​ Here is a few pictures I already had. The ribbon cable is taped and cable tied to the motor.
Cable management is a bit rushed on this mendel 90 sturdy due to limited build time, but ribbon cable is great to work with and I like the end result.
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Another experiment. Lots of pictures this time. RepRap sure is fun!
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