Although the #heels of the #feet are not as extendable or graspable as the back talons of a bird, you can learn something from realizing that the word for "heel of the foot" in French is talon and in Spanish is talón. For better #balance in challenging yoga poses or in #pilatesclasses , use a subtle but definite drawing-back of the heel of the foot away from the arch-ball-toes which should flow forward of the #ankle . This dynamic foot will create #stability in standing poses which is sustainable - as well as #mobility in active walking or #running . Even when moving forward, the heels have a subtle sense of levering back-back-back. You'll find info as well as imagery philosophy and metaphor in the new e-book High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports on iBooks.
Heel is Like a Back Talon or Talón on a Bird
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