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Different ways libraries are using social media
In looking at social media and libraries I found most libraries are using Facebook & Twitter, some of the bigger ones are using Pinterest & Instagram too. The library at the University of Melbourne has a strong Twitter account with many tweets during each d...

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Copyright implications in Social Media
We are all sharing content on social media, photos, articles, even personal posts. Are there copyright implications? Each media platform has its own set of rules re copyright. Twitter doesn't allow the use of image sharing but people do it. How do we retain...

Post has attachment and Libraries is essentially a social media curation tool. Content curation as it's known and also social as people can learn from and follow your topics that you create to scoop about. Similar to Pinterest in that way but not as popular. doesn't rely o...

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Instagram and Libraries
Instagram is a photo sharing app that can only be accessed by a mobile device. So, how is this good for libraries? Everyone loves an image, and with over one and half million Instagram users in Australia alone it can provide a visually pleasing way to share...

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social media etiquette...professionally speaking
Whats professional etiquette in the world of Social Media? It's important to stay personable and professional at the same time. Imagine your Facebook or Instagram as an extension of your business, your business card or your business leaflets or pamphlets. A...

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privacy & social media
I love social media and if you're reading this blog you probably do too, but it's important to be aware of privacy issues surrounding it. Social media sites request personal information from its users. They tell us they want to personalize our experience, o...

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Pinterest and Libraries
Pinterest is a visual pinboard if you like. For a personal page it is a visual tool for sorting creative ideas or projects (and accessing others); for business and community organisations such as libraries it is a platform to showcase events, new acquisitio...

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Why Twitter is great for Libraries
Libraries are using so much social media and Twitter is a great tool for fast, short & direct snippets of information. Twitter has millions of users (tweeters!) so it is an excellent tool for all Libraries to connect with its clients. Libraries can use Twit...

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best uses of Facebooks by libraries
Facebook for libraries is a great tool for connecting to a wide range of people.
And some of the best uses of Facebook for a library are;

-advertising events
-discussing local relevant issue to the library
-asking questions to its clients; there are spaces...

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Libraries using a variety of social media
Just from this blog and research and actual social interaction :) I am discovering the importance of social media in libraries today. Check out this link for tips for using social media in libraries, a couple of years old I know but still relevant;
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