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Christopher Morrow
This is a description, there are many like it, but this one is mine.
This is a description, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

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A recommended hotel in Berlin, across the way from the zoo and associated aquarium, near bus and train stops as well.

Good room and staff as well.
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+Reb Livingston way back when published +Jill Alexander Essbaum  in the online journal:

Then later when +Reb Livingston turn also from an editor to a publisher, +Jill Alexander Essbaum  showed up again with a book:

Apparently Harlot has been one of the best selling of NoTellBook's publications... not just for the cover art :)

Jill and Reb have been friends for a long while and we heard that Jill was publishing her first novel 'Hausfrau', in fact Random House picked up her work... Apparently the rights for the book sold all over the place, and shortly her book will appear on a Barnes & Noble (*or similar) center table for you to browse/buy/read!

Here's a pretty good article about the book, with some words by Jill as well:

+Reb Livingston and I are super excited for Jill, we can't wait to see the book displays :)

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pulling this also out of the archive... for same parties.
Table victory!
Legs from, top from a neighborhood tree, varnish from minwax;)

Mostly even level, or level enough to set a drink on at least.
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pulling this out of the archive for some interested parties.
Making an outdoor table. The slice of wood was a happy roadside finding a bit over a year ago, its been sitting on my garage during/aging since then.

have to purchase some steel loop/pin legs for it still, and figure out how to level it as well ;)
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Email validation, Tivo is just one of the latest companies with a website that fails simple email vaildation via regular expression.... folk, since RFC 1035 the hyphen has been permitted in the 2nd or higher label in a DNS name.

Also, this sort of thing costs you money via customer service calls :(

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I don't always agree with David Drummond... wait, yes I mostly do. In this case doubly so.

I'm more than a bit aggravated that the gov't that spouts off about how bad other gov'ts are with respect to their people and 'civil rights' and 'censorship' and 'honesty' so badly fumbles somethign so clearly against those three simple items.

folk need to get to the signing, now.

direct link if you want to avoid the other parts of the g+ post here:
Doesn’t the stuff you keep online deserve the same protection as the stuff you keep offline? Under a law called ECPA, government agencies in the U.S. can see what you’ve written and stored online without a warrant. Sign this petition to the White House and tell the government to get a warrant! 

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Watched in honor of +Paul Schultz .. fav character?

always a huge sam elliot fan... I would also draw attention to how well I thought john goodman did in this.
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