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July 8th 2013..............Week 2
Hi again Week 2 of my TSW saw a few more extreme symptoms. The worst symptom that shocked me, even though i had done extensive research, was the ooze. It seemed to be in large areas, all over my body, would dry out and turn into a yellow crust......awful! N...

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Start of Topical Steroid Withdrawal 1st July......Week 1
Hi folks Have been very lazy, slightly depressed and had very little enthusiasm for keeping you posted. I now seemed to have turned a corner and have the inclination to start posting my experiences of Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I apologise in advance for m...

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Siegfried Kilmer commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi Josh,
Been following your blog and videos for sometime now and have to tell you that your positive attitude is amazing!!
I am at day 150 of my TSW and at day 40-50 I felt like up, but it is thanks to you and your infectious positive attitude that I carried on.
My skin has seemed to have turned a corner and getting stronger, I just seem to flare on my face and arms now, places the steroid creams were used the most.
Anyway, thanks again Josh and glad you are healing nicely.

Love, light and peace
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