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Need a Landing Page for your product? I can help, and I only charge $5 per page!

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I really need some help here, can anyone answer this?

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What number in the list are you?

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I have a Form we use to create a multi page Quotation. It contains a total of about 31 Sections. I need to embed these into a single Report, while keeping keeping each section on the same page. (Meaning if the report is too long to fit on the same page, to move it to the next page.)

I am unsure how to do this. I can create a Report that contains all of these Subreports, but I cannot get them to stay on the same page, and I run into an "Out of Resources" error. Actually, I run into several duplicate messages, but it only happens when I print.

I can upload screenshots of the Form and Report/Subreports as needed, but I cannot upload the Database itself.

I cannot really think of any other pertinent information at the moment, but I will do my best to answer any questions related to this.
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