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A free OpenSource MMORPG client
A free OpenSource MMORPG client


New client version

Fix: npc font option.
Fix: job bar showing in new installs.
Fix: input actions before logging to game.
Fix: icon under windows.
Fix: block moving keys in buy/sell dialogs.
Fix: logging in threads.
Fix: reload background image if connecting to different servers.
Fix: rainbow colors with utf8 chars and smiles.
Fix: crash with external guichan in chat.
Add: chinese locale and font support.
Add: most client data configs splits/patching by other configs.
Add: mods support.
Add: in input fields for ctrl+left, ctrl+right.
Add: update dejavu fonts.
Add: multiply pets for one owner at same time.
Add: autoclose npc dialog by moving keys if it almost closed.
Add: show date time and server name in screenshot file names.
Add: create screenshots before connecting to game.
Add: allow edit screenshot path (not in windows).
Add: change screenshot default path to pictures directory.

Mods support is the next feature that Evol will use to allow some different map look (seasonal) and item look in function of the player choice.
It will also be used on LoF and TMW as basic pet support.
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New ManaPlus release!

Changelog for the
Fix: Bot checker window in some themes.
Fix: Tabbed area resizing.
Fix: Chat window resizing with enabled color picker.
Fix: Multi line motd messages in “new” tmw server.
Add: Allow replace body/race sprite by equipped item.
Add: Extend theming.
Add: Allow set small size for shortcuts windows.
Add: Golden-delicious theme by t3st3r.
Add: In updater window cut long news.
Add: Show emotes in over head text.
Add: Npc window title change from server script.
Add: Ability to give more than one item to npc (evol only).
Add: Addition attributes for abient layer.
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A new version of ManaPlus has been released, check it out at our download page or on manaplus's official site.

What's new on the
Fix: Compilation with SDL2.
Fix: Compilation with libc++.
Fix: Language tab. (evol only)
Fix: Shortcuts in input fields in SDL2.
Fix: SDL2 default renderer.
Fix: Possible fix to incomplete chat messages in “new” tmw server. (tmw only)
Add: Item particles.
Add: Update mplus fonts.
Add: Option to enable/disable tile animations.
Add: Improve sprites update speed.
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Good evening everybody!

Like every two weeks, here is the new version of ManaPlus!
Changelog of this new version (
Fix: S/A dye for big endian systems.
Fix: Some typos.
Fix: Different crashes if corrupted data files.
Fix: Compilation not from top directory.
Add: Improve software mode draw speed.
Add: Improve S/A dye speed.
Add: Target cursors animations.
Add: SDL2 build mode.
Add: Show npc name in npc dialog caption.
Add: Open help window before logging into game.

Do you like the image? Express yourself so!
That's the new target animation made by Alige, discover it rapidly bad upgrading your client! :-)
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A new version of the ManaPlus client is available, here's the changelog:
Client version

Fix: Money label position in status window.
Fix: Shorted long key names.
Fix: Outline color issues.
Add: Color and font tabs in chat emotes window.
Add: Resize and icons in chat emotes window.
Add: Autocomplete in chat for online list.
Add: Giving item to npc. (evol only)
Add: Counter in social window.
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ManaPlus released!

fix: reset in memory password if password was wrong.
fix: dont show opengl restart mesasge in settings under Android.
fix: image particles alpha property.
fix: equipment window selection draw.
fix: mouse move events under Android.
fix: possible crash in rename nav point dialog.
fix: by default disable texture compression.
add: settings page for onscreen controls.
add: show trading partner nick in trade error messages.
add: replace drop down listboxes to popup lists.
add: different skills for each skill level.
add: description to skills.
add: option to disable gamma correction.
add: new default wallpaper.
add: option for log input events.
add: update mplus fonts.
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ManaPlus will be released tomorrow!
You can check out our new screenshots below ;)
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Developers, designers, testers and users of ManaPlus client are welcome!
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