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Forget toiling away with kindling, fire starters, mini cooking dishes, and hot coals — a microwave is more convenient, and soon it will be possible to carry one with you wherever you go. Called the Wayv Adventurer, this portable gadget is small and…

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Yeah, uh huh...

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- Are you ill?
- No, just feeling a bit off 😂

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congrats guys!
India performed a successful space shuttle test launch late on Sunday, marking the latest milestone for the country’s space program

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seems legit

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been there, done that...

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Jedi & Emails

Why can't you email a photo to a Jedi? .... Because attachments are forbidden :)


#StarWars #Jedi #ObiWanKenobi

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The TL;DR history
In the beginning, there was make, and Gates did not own make, so Gates said "Let there be MSBuild" and there was MSBuild.
And MSBuild used the *.*proj files from Visual Studio as its inputs, which were formed of terrible XML, and verily it was impossible to use without a Visual Studio license.
And Gates looked upon the Visual Studio revenues and saw that they were good.
And much time passed, and Gates ascended into a Foundation, and the peoples of the Earth began to worship false software development ecosystems.
Like Node.js.
And the acolytes at the Church of Gates observed attendances were down, and sought to bring the lost sheep back into the fold.
Then Lo! a multitude of Scotts gathered unto themselves seven-times-seven likeminded people, and stormed the Temple of GitHub, and freed the Source Code, that the people might partake of it and embrace it and do Pull Requests.
And the New Code did not use XML, because everybody knows that XML is old and shit, and yea, verily, JSON is where it is at.
But the acolytes of the New Code did wander in the desert for many years, searching for the Promised Land of Milk and Honey and GoLive Licenses.
At one point they thought they could see it over the next hill.
And there was much rejoicing.
But, alas, it was a mirage, and you shouldn't use it in production.
Thus after 40 days and 40 nights, the Acolytes of the New Code did stand up and say "Let us New ALL THE THINGS", and it was so.
And when all the things had been made new, a Scott wrote a letter unto the people of Corinth, saying: "we are working to merge the capabilities of .xproj/project.json and .csproj project systems into a single project system based on MSBuild".
And the people did respond "WAT?"
And the Head Acolyte did clarify that the project.json was not The One True Way.
And that The One True Way did, in fact, have quite a lot of XML in it after all.
And there was much wailing, and gnashing of teeth, and rending of clothes, and tearing of hair, and stuff.
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