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We're a small team of industry pros, using our spare-time to (slowly) create Indie games
We're a small team of industry pros, using our spare-time to (slowly) create Indie games
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We're looking for someone to translate 5 sentences (150 words) for our indie game description, in Spanish, Italian or German.
We will offer you in exchange a copy of the game (pc/mac/linux/Android), and will add your name in the game's credits.

We're interested by some other languages too, contact us if you wish to, (We already have: English Chinese Danish Dutch French Japanese Polish Brazil Russian Turkish Ukrainian).

Thx very much.

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Hello Indie Devs:

Orx is an open source, portable, lightweight, plugin-based, data-driven and extremely easy to use 2D-oriented game engine.

The new release candidate for Orx Engine, 1.8 is out:

One of the major feature is a revamped animation system
Visit the walkthrough guide to see how the new system works

Check latest tutorials to quickly learn to use Orx Engine.

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Choose your shop from here, and enjoy -75% on Little Cells.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you <3

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We were so close in... October, but, life is full of (good or bad) surprises, and it took us longer to achieve what was left to do, but we finally did it <3.
We are proud to annonce that we finished Little Cells for #Android this morning, just before the holiday season. \o/
So to be sure to prepare and follow well the launch (it might be fully bugged after all ;), we will release it on the Google Play store mid-January! Can't wait !

\o/ Happy Holidays to you \o/

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Finally ready for the #Android launch very soon! \o/

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It's time for a break, and to enjoy our August vacations!
We're almost done with Little Cells, and we just have this "BUY" button to finish, for a release on #Android devices this September hopefully.
Can't wait \o/ !

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It's this time of the Year:
Save 60% on Little Cells during the #SteamSummerSale #indiegame

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There are several free 2D game engines available for everyone today!
ORX Engine is definitely not the most known, but is very powerful and interesting!
Here is a short description of it

"ORX is an an open source, portable, lightweight, plugin-based, data-driven and extremely easy to use 2D-oriented game engine.
It has been created to allow fast creation of games and prototypes. It's licensed under the zlib license. It's a very permissive (and short) license that allows one to use orx (and modify it at will) for free for any kind of projects, freeware or commercial, without any compensation.
Orx provides a complete framework for game development and currently runs on windows (mingw and native using visual studio), linux (x86/x86_64), MacOS X (ppc/x86), iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android.
Orx is a full featured and powerful "2.5D" game engine. All objects and cameras are created in a 3D space, but only a 2D rendering plugin is currently available (however hooks are provided for those who need to roll out their own 3D rendering)."

Check it out here if you wish to know more or are interested to join the (very small but very nice) community:

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Hello Guys!

We will release this Summer our game "Little Cells" on Android devices, but we need some advice.
What's the best option we should go for on the Google Play store?
- A free app with a button to pay to remove its limitations (ads or number of game per hours or...)?
- A free app with a button, linking to a second Premium app on the shop?
- Both (The Free app allow you to unlock it's limitations, and a Premium app is directly available too) ?

And a last question, If we're having same 2 apps (one F2P, one Premium), can they have the same Google play Leaderboard or not?

Thanks a lot for your inputs and answers.
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1 App with Button to remove limitations
1 App with Button linking to Premium App
2 Apps not linked together

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June 5th 2015, 1 year ago, we released "Little Cells" on Steam. Time is flying quickly!
We're finishing to port the game for Android devices + a patch for the Steam Version, and will give more news about it soon!
Thanks to our fans for their feedback and help! #indiegame #indiedev
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